‘I Love Lucy’: Rich Little Once Described What Surprised Him about Lucille Ball

by Josh Lanier

Rich Little has met and befriended some of Hollywood’s biggest stars as well as presidents during his career. One such star was I Love Lucy star Lucille Ball. Little said in his memoir that he loved working with her. But there was something about Ball that surprised him.

Both Lucille Ball and Judy Garland claimed to have “discovered” Little when he was starting in Hollywood. The Canadian-born impressionist said he wouldn’t credit either. But he did make his national television debut on The Judy Garland Show.

Lucille Ball asked him to appear on The Lucy Show in 1971. He impersonated John Wayne in the show. He said he was shocked at how professional Ball was. She memorized her own lines as well as the other actors,’ he said.

(Lucille Ball) was a complete professional. She didn’t stand for any fooling around on the set. She expected people to know their lines. When I went to the first rehearsal, I memorized all of my lines. She was impressed by that. The best way to get along with Lucille Ball was to be prepared to work. We got along absolutely fine. She had tremendous talent and knew everything about the business. Lucy knew what all the other actors were doing and knew their lines, as well as her own. She was a real pro.

Rich Little, Fox News

He has said he was a little worried to appear on her show after hearing she could be difficult to work with. Stories from the set of I Love Lucy was that she was strict and hard on other actors. Not so, he said.

“She was fun,” Rich Little told Closer Weekly. “I thought she was going to be a strict taskmaster, but she wasn’t. We had a wonderful relationship.”

Little, ‘I Love Lucy’ Star, Others Play Virtual Game

Rich Little and dozens of other celebrities will play a virtual game show meant to help benefit the Hollywood Museum. The museum kept its workers employed during the pandemic. So, the virtual gameshow will act as a fundraiser for the popular tourist attraction.

Producers are resurrecting Hollywood Squares and calling it Hollywood Museum Squares. Tom Bergeron, John Davidson, Marc Summers, Patt Finn, and Bruce Vilanch all take turns hosting. And there are dozens of celebrities taking part.

And the shows are loaded with stars. Along with Little, they include Loni Anderson, Gilbert Gottfried, Donna Mills, Jerry Mathers, Judy Norton and so many more appear in the series. You can see a full list of celebrity guest stars here.

The “Hollywood Museum Squares” will be available on-demand on July 10. They’ve released a trailer of what you can expect to see during the shows.