‘I Love Lucy’ Star Lucille Ball Had to Use ‘Childish’ Process to Keep Her From Bad Decisions

by Evan Reier

Everyone has their own way of staying on top of things, even the world’s greats. A legend such as I Love Lucy star Lucille Ball was no different.

Whether you call them tricks or “life hacks,” adding things to your routine can be crucial to day-to-day happiness. Improvement of productivity or improvement of mindset goes a long way to a generally better lifestyle.

Lucille Ball had to learn this firsthand. The I Love Lucy star had her issues off-screen, whether it was due to her divorce with Desi Arnaz or just existing in the hectic world of entertainment.

In or around 1974, interviewing legend Warner Roberts sat down with Ball. The pair discussed the movie adaptation of Mame, as well as plenty of other aspects of the I Love Lucy legend’s life.

In the later parts, they begin to discuss mental health. Ball opened up on her work with Dr. Norman Peale, who worked with her for a long time. She said a crucial thing he brought to her life was a new reminder process.

“‘Use this, and use this until you learn the meaning of it,'” Ball recounted of Dr. Peale. “It’s very fundamental. It’s a childish thing. Put a sign up so you see it first thing in the morning. ‘Is this good for Lucy?'”

In retrospect, this idea is commonly used nowadays. But in an era where getting mental health help wasn’t as prevalent, it was mind-blowing for Ball.

“And I did it. And I had to learn that it meant tiny little things. A conversation, a walk. Don’t drive too fast, don’t drink too much, don’t do this, don’t go and tell that person off. Don’t do anything that’s wrong for me.”

The conversation begins about 11:20 in.

I Love Lucy Star Lucille Ball Died on This Day

Sadly, on April 26, 1989 Lucille Ball passed away at the age of 77. She died at the Cedar-Sinia Medical Center in Los Angeles.

The iconic I Love Lucy star had been battling heart issues up until her death. Eight days prior, she was taken to the hospital and went through a successful 7-hour aortic valve replacement.

Unfortunately, during her recovery, Ball had another major issue. After suffering intense pain on the morning of April 26, Ball passed out. Medical professional said she suffered another aortic aneurysm and she died shortly after.

Ball left behind a legacy that few have ever matched in the realm of TV. Besides I Love Lucy, the star had several other shows and made more appearances than one can count. However, even a few decades and change onward, her presence is still felt in culture.