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‘I Love Lucy’ Star Lucille Ball Missed Filming the Iconic Show, But ‘Would Never Go Back’

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

“I Love Lucy” star Lucille Ball reflected on her time on the show. During a 1985 interview, Ball admitted she missed filming the sitcom.

The sitcom star got a bit nostalgic in an interview with Joan Rivers. When asked if she’d like to do another sitcom, Ball said she wouldn’t try. Because she could never top the success of her past endeavors. But Ball also seemed a little sad and wistful, looking back on “I Love Lucy.”

“Honey, I miss it every day of my life,” Ball said. “But I can’t go back. You can’t top what we’ve done. 25 years or more. And you can’t go back. No, I wouldn’t try to top what we did. We had it too good, and we were in early, real early. And kind of made up our own rules as we went along, you know.”

She reiterated her own view about not reflecting too much on the past, perhaps trying to convince herself as well.

“No, I wouldn’t try to top it. I like to work. I miss not working,” Ball said. “And I miss Viv very much and Bill. And the whole show, the whole arena I miss. But you don’t go back.”

Lucille Ball Starred on ‘I Love Lucy’

Lucille Ball starred alongside then-husband Desi Arnaz in her career-defining “I Love Lucy” in the 1950s. The show ran for six seasons, from 1951 to 1957. The show pioneered many of the elements of the modern sitcom and television in general. Both Ball and Arnaz effectively created syndication and the re-run with the show. They insisted on filming the TV show on film, a rarity at the time, which they could then sell back to the network.

After “I Love Lucy” ended, the two followed up the show with “The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour” for three seasons. The show continued the adventures of the Ricardos but in a one-hour format rather than a 30-minute time slot. During the late 1960s and 1970s, Ball starred in another sitcom called “Here’s Lucy,” which ran for six seasons. The show followed a new character, a widow taking care of her two children. By this point, Ball and Arnaz had separated and no longer worked together. But the show did feature Ball’s real-life children instead.

Ball passed away in 1989 at 77-years-old after experiencing an Aortic dissection. People remember her and Arnaz for their contributions to the entertainment industry.