‘I Love Lucy’ Star Lucille Ball Revealed What She Really Wanted to Name Daughter Instead of ‘Lucie’

by Quentin Blount

According to the great I Love Lucy star Lucille Ball, she was apparently hoping her daughter Lucie was going to have a different name.

We all know and love Lucie Arnaz as the daughter of I Love Lucy actress Lucille Ball. And back in 1979, Ball and Arnaz sat down for an interview with The Today Show. The interview took place while Arnaz was having major success in Neil Simon’s They’re Playing Our Song on Broadway.

The sit-down begins with the host asking Lucille Ball what it was like when her daughter was born. And he also asks her how the name ‘Lucie’ was decided upon.

“Well I was awake at the time, so they didn’t even have to come into the room,” Ball says. “And I tried very hard to say something but all I could do was cry with joy.”

When asked if she had had the name picked out for a long time, Lucille Ball said with a laugh, “Yes, it was Susan.”

“It’s true,” she says. “After they knocked me out, she got named ‘Lucie’ but with an ‘ie’, which I approved of. But I hadn’t settled on it.”

You can watch the entire six-minute video down below:

Daughter of ‘I Love Lucy’ Star Discusses Her Childhood

Lucie Arnaz once said that the earliest memory she has of her mother is that she was a “working mom.” She told the Television Academy Foundation in 2011 that she was born six weeks before the show I Love Lucy hit television airwaves in the United States.

“My earliest memory of my mother was that she worked,” Arnaz said. “I was born six weeks before a big show called ‘I Love Lucy’ went on the air. And she was starring in that along with my father of all people. He was also producing it, so they were very busy.”

Lucie Arnaz said that her parents were on the road during most of her early years.

“I think from probably the age of birth until the age of seven, they weren’t home a lot,” admitted Arnaz. “And when they were, it was late at night and on weekends.”

Meanwhile, Arnaz also explained what her mother was like at home. And the version of Lucille Ball is drastically different than the crazy and outrageous personality we came to know and love on the show.

“My mom was a working mom,” she recalled. “And when she was home, she was very business-like about running her house. I think because she was a working mom in the ’50s, there was probably a lot of guilt involved about not being home with the kids.”