‘I Love Lucy’: This Famous Lawman Once Wrote a Fan Letter to Lucille Ball

by Clayton Edwards

I Love Lucy is an iconic part of the history of American television for many reasons. For one, the show changed the way shows were filmed. It also moved the center of broadcast television to the West Coast. At the same time, it was hugely popular with both fans and critics alike. Folks from all walks of life could tune in every week and enjoy the exploits of the Ricardo family. One famous lawman even wrote Lucille Ball a fan letter after he was referenced in an episode of the classic sitcom.

in the season five episode of I Love Lucy titled “The Great Train Robbery,” Lucy referenced the FBI and its then-director J. Edgar Hoover. That episode inspired Hoover to send the TV star a fan letter. The stars of the show had fans across the country. So, it isn’t surprising that they would get fan mail. However, they probably didn’t expect the director of the FBI to watch the show let alone take time to write a letter of praise.

However, the FBI director watched I Love Lucy. Furthermore, he thoroughly enjoyed what he saw. This was especially true of the episode that referenced him and his organization. The letter he wrote was short but came with some high praises. It said, “I got quite a kick out of your reference to the FBI and myself and I don’t believe that I ever laughed as much at any TV program as I did at yours on Monday evening,” according to Neatorama.

The Episode of I Love Lucy the Hoover Enjoyed So Much

In the episode. “The Great Train Robbery,” the I Love Lucy cast boards a train to New York. After they are underway, Lucy learns that there is a jewel thief on the train with them. So, she decides that she wants to help track down the thief and bring him to justice. While discussing this, she says that after her harrowing citizen’s arrest, she’ll publish her memoir. The book, she says, would be called I Was a Woman for the FBI. Later in the episode, she says, “Anything for J. Edgar!,” this is what caught the lawman’s attention.

That wasn’t the only interesting thing about the episode, though. The I Love Lucy crew really went all out to make the train ride look real. There is a scene where Lucy pulls the emergency brake to stop the train. However, instead of just jolting the camera and having the actors react to the non-existent shock, they built a special set. It was constructed in a box frame and featured a large steel spring mechanism. So, when Lucy pulled the brake lever, it activated the giant steel spring. Then, the whole box rocked to simulate the actual lurch of a stopping train, according to IMDb.