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‘I Love Lucy’: Famous ‘Uh Oh’ Laugh Track Bit Used on Show Was Voiced by Lucille Ball’s Mother

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Frank Edwards/Fotos International/Getty Images)

While Lucille Ball starred in and produced I Love Lucy, her mother also had a small part to play. The ‘Uh Oh’ laugh track bit used on the show was actually voiced by Lucille Ball’s mother. The track often got played whenever Lucy was in a comically sticky situation. Lucille Ball’s mother, Dede Ball, was one of her biggest cheerleaders and came to every taping.

After she said ‘Uh Oh’ during one of the tapings, that sound was actually used not only on ‘I Love Lucy,’ but in other shows for years. This is thanks to the I Love Lucy sound engineer Glen Glenn who later founded Glen Glenn Sound. Glen Glenn Sound produced many sound bits for laugh tracks or “canned laughter.” Glenn Glenn used a lot of recordings from I Love Lucy and The Red Skeleton Show for the tracks.

The ‘I Love Lucy’ Star’s Mother Was Incredibly Close with the Mother of Another Star

Dede Ball became incredibly close with The Golden Girls actress Betty White’s mother, Tess. Lucille Ball and Betty White became incredibly close almost as soon as they met, and so did their mothers.

In fact, the two were so close that after the death of Dede Ball, Lucille Ball would send Tess White flowers every year on DeDe’s birthday.

The pair met while Betty White was shooting a show on the same lot as I Love Lucy. Lucille Ball and Betty White initially bonded over being two ambitious women in a male-dominated industry, but quickly became so close that they considered each other family.

Lucy and Betty’s relationship spanned more than just being show business acquaintances,” a friend of the pair told Closer. “They considered each other family.”

Lucille Ball was Also Incredibly Close with Vivian Vance

Lucille Ball also had a friend in her co-star, Ethel Mertz actress Vivian Vance. When Vance passed away of cancer, it devastated Lucy. She got to visit her friend for one final time in 1979.

“You could hear them laughing, and towards the end, there was a lot of sobbing,” a friend of Vance, Paige Peterson, told People Magazine. “It was an amazing thing to witness. The love of these two women.”

The two were reportedly like family and worked together for decades. Even after I Love Lucy, the two stayed together as a comedic duo.

Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance were absolute comedic triumphs on I Love Lucy. And while they didn’t hit it off immediately when they met, they eventually grew close, realizing that they had awesome on-screen chemistry.

I Love Lucy paved the way for the modern sitcom format, ushering in a new era of comedy. Its nice to know just how many life-long connections Lucille Ball made along the way.