‘I Love Lucy’: Watch Lucille Ball’s Daughter Lucie Arnaz Sound Like Her Mother While Voicing Her Parents’ Audiobooks in 2018

by Keeli Parkey

When the time came to create an audio recording of the memoirs of the stars of “I Love Lucy,” their daughter took a leading role in the project.

Those stars, of course, are Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. It was their daughter, Lucie Arnaz, who took on the challenge of sharing her parents’ stories in their own words.

According to PalmSpringsLife.com, those audiobooks were released in 2018. They were recordings of Desi Arnaz’s memoir which was titled, “A Book.” He published it in 1974. Lucille Ball’s memoir was written in 1964. However, it was not published for three decades. That delay occurred because the memoir was not discovered until 1993. Her book was eventually titled, “Love, Lucy.”

Flash forward a few decades, and Lucie Arnaz is ready to have audiobooks recorded of her parents’ memoirs. She chose to work with director Francesca Amari on both books.

She also chose to read her mother’s memoir for the audio recording herself. Lucie Arnaz said she was not trying to mimic her mother. However, she was very aware that the two sound very similar.

“… we sound very much alike,” Lucie Arnaz said during interview with the publication in June 2018. “I listened to her interviews.”

By listening to her mother’s old interviews, Lucie learned more about how her mother’s voice changed over the years.

“She’d grown into a great presentational style, more eloquent in later years,” she added. “So, I decided to record the later years early in the morning; I sound more like her then.”

Watch the Daughter of ‘I Love Lucy’ Stars Read from Her Mother’s Memoir for 2018 Audiobook

As you can tell by the video below, Lucia Arnaz can sound very much like her famous mother.

In the video, the daughter of the beloved “I Love Lucy” stars also shared one interesting detail about her mother. She said Lucille Ball “didn’t like change.”

When it came to recording the audiobook of her father’s memoir, Lucie Arnaz had to find someone who could really portray Desi Arnaz. Unfortunately, her brother, Desi Arnaz Jr., could not do it. So, Lucie turned to an actor.

“My brother wasn’t up to recording at the time. I got recommendations, but no one fit,” Lucie recalled. “My attorney, Mark Sendroff, said, ‘What about Juan Pablo Di Pace?’ When I saw his clips, I went crazy. His charm, his smarts, his humor, his accent — plus he was young and adorable, and we had to be with him for six days.”

Juan Pablo Di Pace is known for appearances on “Fuller House,” as well as the film “Mamma Mia!”

With the audiobooks complete, Lucie Arnaz was able to reflect on the process and on the lives of her beloved “I Love Lucy” parents.

“Cathartic, like primal-scream therapy,” she said of working on the audiobooks. “When you crawl back inside their words it’s like … wow … I was not alone in that booth, they were with me. They filled me. They filled me back up. It was very empowering, and I can’t wait for people to hear their words.”

Desi Arnaz passed away in 1986 at the age of 69. Lucille Ball passed away in 1989. She was 77 years old.