‘I Love Lucy’: Watch Lucille Ball Detail Her ‘Hopes’ for Daughter Lucie Arnaz in 1979 Interview

by Jon D. B.

What a remarkable pair. In this 1979 The Today Show interview with the fantastic Gene Shalit, mother-daughter duo Lucille Ball and Lucie Arnaz delivered a hysterical time as Lucie consistently cracks her late mother up.

This one is worth a watch for every I Love Lucy fan the world over. A phenomenal interviewer, Gene Shalit asks quite a few thoughtful questions of the iconic Lucille Ball as she sits directly next to her first child, Lucie Arnaz.

The fireworks are out, and Arnaz proves herself a brilliant wit within (as she so often does on the stage). Things take a more serious turn, however, when Shalit asks what the incomparable Lucille Ball hopes for her daughter in the future.”

Ball takes a pause, looking upward, then gives her answer.

“I hope that she finds a man – as I have found in the last 18 years – like Gary Morton, for instance… Someone on that order, who appreciates his home and really, really means it. Who really wants to be in it,” Ball begins for her daughter.

The answer is a segue out of their previous topic, where Ball & Arnaz discussed the latter’s “difficulties” in dating and marriage – even from an early age.

After seeing her daughter go through a messy divorce some years prior, All Ball wants for Lucie is “Someone who is healthy, and not necessarily wealthy, but wise enough to appreciate her and what she has to do.”

“Someone who cares about the closeness… Just cares about something and someone, and has things to do… That isn’t always looking into ‘the tomorrow,’ the ‘grass is always greener’ over there someplace… Right now is fine!” the icon continues within, hoping for someone for Lucie who “appreciates what they have.”

The Remarkable Wit of Lucie Arnaz, Daughter to Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz

“Can we get a phone number if that guy is listening?” Lucie Arnaz quips after an emotional silence. “Is that possible?” she laughs with her mother.

The two have had a wonderful time in the interview, and it shows throughout.

“You think it’s impossible to find a man like that in your life, Lucy?” Shalit asks in return.

“I hope not, Gene! You’re gonna depress me greatly if it is,” Arnaz answers, deadpan.

“Well, you’re a wonderful mother-daughter team,” the host reacts. “And there is so obviously a very mutual love and respect. It really is a very lovely thing to see.”

“That’s a nice thing to say, Gene, I appreciate that,” the one and only Lucille Ball smiles, choking up as her daughter reaches for her hand.

Watch the full interview below for far more from this iconic family, courtesy of The Today Show‘s historic personality, Gene Shalit:

Lucille Ball and Lucie Arnaz interview from The Today Show in 1979. This was during Lucie’s wildly successful run in Neil Simon’s “They’re Playing Our Song” on Broadway.

The Today Show, 1979