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‘I Love Lucy’: Watch Lucille Ball Star in Classic 1974 Commercial for Pivot Golf Game

by John Jamison
(Photo by CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images)

In 1974, “I Love Lucy” star Lucille Ball took a break from filming her movie “Mame” to promote a tabletop golf game. In true Lucy fashion, she delivered the advertisement with tons of humor and charm.

The woman who became iconic for her portrayal of Lucy Ricardo on “I Love Lucy” was entertaining to watch even in a commercial.

You can watch her below.

“Hi. There’s an old show business expression that’s used when you want to wish someone good luck,” Lucille Ball said in the 1974 commercial. “We say ‘break a leg.’ Well, last year, Jim Shea said to me as I was leaving for Aspen ‘break a leg, Lucy.’ And I did. Five months later I got out of the cast. And then, the good luck started happening. You know how well sales on Pivot Pool have gone. Well this year, Jim has asked me to do a commercial for a brand new Lucy game from Milton Bradley called Pivot Golf.”

Lucy went on to describe how the game worked. She described it as being similar to miniature golf. The game featured nine holes and boasted “a little trophy that pops up on the last hole.”

‘I Love Lucy’ Star Promoted a Whole Line of Milton Bradley Games

Pivot Golf wasn’t the first or the last game Lucy ever promoted. In fact, she had a whole line of them with board game company Milton Bradley. In the Pivot Golf commercial, she references an upcoming game called “Solotaire.”

“Oh, and by the way, you’ll be seeing another Lucy game called Solotaire that I’m going to be talking about for Milton Bradley. So best of luck to you, and have a good toy fair,” she continued.

True to her word, she did a commercial for Solotaire. In it, she waltzed into a saloon in what appeared to be the Old West and she challenged Black Bart to a game. After a heated battle, Lucy won the game.

“Black Bart, you are now the second best Solotaire player in Tombstone,” Lucy said.

The fun didn’t stop there, though. Lucy promoted another game called “Body Language” in 1975. You can watch her play the game in the commercial below.