Ice-T Rips America’s Rising Fuel Prices, Jokes He Was ‘Robbed’ at Gas Station

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

Actor and rapper Ice-T started trending on Twitter earlier today because of a joke he made about getting “robbed” at the gas station — by the outrageous prices.

Ice-T usually likes to interact with his 1.8 million fans and followers on Twitter. He puts out memes, photos of his family, and of course, his “ICE COLD FACTS.” But this tweet immediately seemed different, mostly because it started off on a serious note.

“I was robbed at a gas station in NJ last night,” Ice-T began. ” After my hands stopped trembling…I managed to call the cops and they were quick to respond and calmed me down….. My money is gone.. the police asked me if I knew who did it…I said yes.. it was pump number 9…”

He got us good. For a moment, we could see the scene play out in our heads — the shaking hands, the cops showing up, the money vanishing. All that was missing was the perpetrator.

Ice-T and his joke about rising gas prices quickly blew up all over Twitter. Over 307,000 people have liked it so far, and many have also commented on the post.

“He had me in the first half I can’t lie,” writer Ashley Reese said later.

“I thought someone really robbed Ice T for a second,” another person commented.

Anthony Tesla said what we were all thinking: “Only this man could make a dad joke cool-ish.”

Ice-T Makes a Point About These Rising Gas Prices

While many people laughed about Ice-T and his rising gas prices joke, it also hits home. In New Jersey, where the actor claims he was “robbed,” the average price is $4.20. A week ago, they were $4.27, per AAA’s website. And if we look back even further, prices were $3.62 a month ago and $2.95 a year ago for regular, unleaded gas in NJ.

Per the AAA site, the national average for gas prices has gone down this week. It sits at $4.24 today, Thursday, March 24. But it changes daily, depending on a number of factors.

As far as other states, AAA has compiled a neat graphic showing each state’s change over time and who has the lowest and highest prices today. Currently, Missouri sits at the bottom of the list at $3.77 a gallon, followed closely by Kansas, Oklahoma, and Maryland.

The most expensive state for gas prices (to no one’s surprise) is California, sitting at a whopping $5.88 per gallon. Following close behind is Nevada at $5.18 and Hawaii at $5.09.

If you click on each state individually on AAA’s site, you can track which counties have the most expensive prices and how they’ve increased/decreased over time. It also tells you the state’s highest recorded price and when that price occurred.