Iron Maiden Reaches Highest Spot on the Billboard 200 Chart Ever with New Album ‘Senjutsu’

by Keeli Parkey

In the history of the popular heavy metal band Iron Maiden, September 2021 will definitely be on the highlight reel. It was during this month that the English rockers achieved their highest spot ever on the Billboard 200 chart – so far at least.

The band has been popular for decades, so this might be hard to believe. But, it’s true. They achieved this milestone thanks to their new album, “Senjutsu.”

According to Billboard, this Iron Maiden album was listed at No. 3 when it was released. Previously, the famous group had only reached No. 4 on the chart with other albums. The band reached that level with the 2010 album “The Final Frontier” and its 2015 album “The Book of Souls.”

While Iron Maiden’s “Senjutsu” album has given the band its highest debut, that doesn’t mean the band hasn’t had other albums that have climbed the charts. During their many decades as a group, they have had four albums make it all the way to the top 10. “Senjutsu” is the 15th of the group’s albums to climb into the top 40 on the charts. Their first album to reach the top 40 was the 1982 release, “The Number of the Beast.”

Now, let’s look at how hard rock albums are doing in 2021. According to Billboard, Iron Maiden’s “Senjutsu” album ranks second in this category this year. “Senjutsu” also ranked in as the second-largest week of 2021 in terms of traditional sales and the digital equivalent. Only Foo Fighters’ “Medicine at Midnight” has it beat, Billboard also reported.

Iron Maiden Has Tour Dates Scheduled for 2022

If you are wanting to see Iron Maiden live and celebrate the band’s recent career milestone, you can. According to the group’s website, they have several tour dates on their calendar. However, if you’re a fan of theirs in the United States of America, you are going to have to travel to Europe to see them live. Luckily, those dates won’t happen until 2022. So, you have plenty of time to plan.

Their 2022 tour dates begin in June next year. Some of the stops on the tour include Donington Park and Belfast in the United Kingdom. They will also perform in Belgium, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Norway, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

Steve Harris established Iron Maiden during the mid-1970s. The group’s “Senjutsu” album consists of 10 tracks. It was released on Sept. 3, 2021. The album was produced by Kevin Shirley and Steve Harris. It was recorded at Guillaume Tell Studios. Some of the track names are “The Writing On The Wall,” “Days Of Future Past,” and “Death Of The Celts.”