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Is Larry King Cryogenically Frozen?: Iconic TV Host’s Wish After Death

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Michael Caulfield/Getty Images)

Following Larry King’s death on Saturday, details surrounding the icons’ last wishes have surfaced. 

In the years leading up to his death, the late television host had spoken openly about death in various interviews, saying that he wanted to “be frozen” after he passed away because he didn’t believe in the afterlife.

King Spoke Openly About His Final Wish

Last January, King discussed his career, health, and thoughts on dying with the Los Angeles television station KTLA.

“I used to be afraid of death, and now I’m not afraid of death,” King told anchor Frank Buckley. “I don’t know what changed.”

In the interview, King gave more insight into his newfound perspective, sharing, “I still read the obits and I also looked into the idea of being frozen because then, I’d wake up in 100 years and they cured whatever I died of, and I’m alive again.”

“Someone said to me, ‘But, you won’t know anybody?’ and I said, ‘I’ll make new friends,'” King joked at the time. “I’m not afraid of it now because it’s the one thing all of us are going to face. And when you face all these illnesses and you can come through and buy some time — I’m 86. What’s the average age of the American male? 76? 77? I beat it by 10 years.”

During a TV special in 2011, Larry King brought up his desire to be frozen when he talked candidly with celebrities like Seth MacFarlane and Conan O’Brien. 

Later in 2014, O’Brien brought up the topic again when King made an appearance on his talk show, “Conan.”

“I don’t believe in an afterlife. I can’t, I just never accepted it,” he explained. “So the only hope, the only fragment of hope, is to be frozen and then someday, they cure whatever you died of, and you’re back.”

Larry King Met With Doctor in 2015 to Discuss Arrangements

According to the New York Times, in August 2015, King made arrangements to have his body frozen for the “Ted Williams treatment” and thawed out at a later date if scientists found a cure for “whatever killed him.”

Dr. Max More, revealed he met with Larry King in 2015 to discuss arrangements to have him cryogenically frozen. 

“I did visit his house in 2015, I believe it was,” said More in an interview “I went over there from Arizona to talk about cryonics and arrangements and discuss it with him. So I did get to meet him at that point.” 

More neither confirmed nor denied if King is currently frozen.

“I can neither confirm nor deny that,” he explained. “When people sign up with us they can choose to be public or they can choose to be private. So if you ask about someone they may not be a member, or they may be a member who’s private. So I cannot confirm or deny that.”