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Is Miley Cyrus Taking Swipe at Ex-Husband Liam Hemsworth on These ‘Plastic Hearts’ Songs?

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Jim Dyson/Getty Images

Fans always hear what they want to hear in their favorite artists’ music. Whether it’s clues to who their new romance is with, disses to their ex-lovers, or anything in between, fans are quick to analyze. Today Miley Cyrus’ album “Plastic Hearts” came out. The album features 15 different songs. Some like “Heart of Glass” and “Zombie” are hit live cover performances that she added to the studio album.

She collaborated with Billy Idol to create “Night Crawling” and “Bad Karma” with Joan Jett & The Blackhearts. She released her single “Prisoner” with Dua Lipa earlier this month to promote the album as well.

For the other songs like “Midnight Sky,” “Angels Like You,” and “Hate Me,” fans are wondering exactly what they (or who) they may be about.

Cyrus Sings About Liam Hemsworth

Some of the lyrics are pretty blatantly about her ex-husband and actor Liam Hemsworth. In “WTF Do I Know” Cyrus talks about what the marriage was to her.

“I’m the type to drive a pickup through your mansion / I’m completely naked but I’m making it fashion / Maybe gettin’ married just to cause a distraction / Here to tell you somethin’ that you don’t know.”

Then later in the song sings, “”Am I wrong that I moved on and I / And I don’t even miss you? / Thought that it’d be you until I die / But I let go.”

The song seems to discuss the two’s less than a year marriage before Hemsworth filed for divorce. The two were back-and-forth dating before then getting married and then divorced.

Success for ‘Plastic Hearts’

Her song “Midnight Sky” has been on the Billboard charts for 11 weeks at a peak position of 20.

Her entire album was No.1 on the U.S. iTunes album sales chart as of 2 a.m. ET, according to Headline Planet.

The album marks Cyrus’ entrance into some real authentic rock music. Something her fans have been urging her to release. She has also been teasing a Metallica cover album that she is currently working on. Cyrus is finally singing the music from genres that she loves. In a tweet last night she wrote, “My PLASTIC HEART is overwhelmed by the support I’m receiving tonight! I was … born to make the record I’ve just released!”

The first day of release seems to suggest fans are enjoying the album so far too.