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Is ‘NCIS’ Airing a New Episode Tonight?

by Leanne Stahulak
Pictured: Gary Cole as FBI Special Agent Alden Parker. Sean Murray as NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee, Brian Dietzen as Medical Examiner Jimmy Palmer. Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Mondays have become the new Tuesdays for “NCIS” fans, and they’ve gotten used to seeing a new Season 19 episode every Monday for the last five weeks. But will a new episode premiere tonight?

The short answer is no, a new episode of “NCIS” will not be airing tonight, Oct. 25. Instead, the network will premiere a rerun from Season 18. It’s called “1mm,” and it aired earlier this year in January.

CBS doesn’t give a concrete reason why the show isn’t running this week. According to their TV schedule, there’s no special program or sports event overtaking the network tonight. But Hidden Remote believes CBS wants to play “the long game,” spacing out the filming so they don’t get too behind on filming episodes before the midseason winter break.

That’s a pretty plausible reason. There are also the November sweeps rating periods to consider. CBS might want certain “NCIS” episodes to fall on certain dates in November to maximize viewership and rating numbers.

But the sad fact of the matter is, no new “NCIS” tonight. Just when viewers adjusted to seeing Agent Aldean Parker (Gary Cole) take over for Agent Gibbs (Mark Harmon), they’ll now have to wait to see him in action again.

Episode 6 of Season 19 is called “False Promises,” and it’s scheduled to air next Monday, Nov. 1. The summary for the episode reads, “NCIS investigates the death of a beloved Navy commander who trained some of the top athletes in the country.” The title makes much more sense now because a false start represents a penalty in football. The real question is, who’s being penalized? Or issuing the penalty on the Navy commander? We’ll have to wait a week to find out.

‘NCIS’ Star Gary Cole Reveals Most ‘Appealing’ Part of Playing Parker

“NCIS” star Gary Cole recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly for a rapid-fire interview. During the interview, the outlet asked him what “the most appealing part” of his character Agent Aldean Parker is.

Cole didn’t elaborate much on his answer, replying, “Well, he’s punctual.”

That’s it? Interesting that the actor sees more bad than good in the character that took over for Gibbs on the show. Several fans were upset that McGee didn’t get the gig, while others appreciate Cole’s performance so far.

And he truly has been killing it as Parker. Cole might not control how the show wrote Parker as a character, but he does control the portrayal of him on screen. And the new “NCIS” star is certainly convincing, perfectly capturing Parker’s experienced and dangerous nature but also his slightly more relaxed persona.

Either way, it’s nice to see a new face join the beloved crew as “NCIS” enters its 19th season and 18th year on the air.