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Jack Osbourne Says ‘Purpose’ of Ghosthunting Show Was to Convince Ozzy and Rest of Family

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

Despite the reputation his father might have, Jack Osbourne, says the purpose of his ghosthunting show is to make believers out of his family. If Ozzy Osbourne the Prince of Darkness doesn’t believe in ghosts, is there any reason to?

Over on Discovery+, you can catch Jack And Kelly Osbourne: Night of Terror. The two go around ghosthunting. While there have been other shows like it, this one brings its own rock n’ roll vibe to it. In the show, Jack plays the true believer, the guy who is confident he is searching for something that exists out there. Meanwhile, Kelly is more of a skeptic.

Despite her skepticism, Jack thinks he is convincing his sister, slowly. That’s the “purpose” of the show.

“The whole purpose of me taking my family on these kind of adventures is to open their eyes a little bit. They think what I do is like, ‘Oh, it’s just ridiculous. You’re just running around the dark, cosplaying.'” Jack Osbourne is determined to take this seriously. Kelly is coming around.

“Kelly is, I think, a little more open to these experiences than she ever thought. She was having a lot of really interesting experiences,” Jack said, laughing.

Viewers are going to be able to watch Jack And Kelly: Night of Terror on Discovery+. This is part of their extended Halloween programming on the platform. Both Kelly and Jack have a role in that plan, of course. Jack Osbourne is setting out to visit some of the most haunted places in America. It all started with a night in an abandoned ship.

Jack Osbourne Hit Major Sobriety Milestone This Year

It is great to see Jack Osbourne and his sister Kelly seemingly doing well. A new show, they both look like they are ready to put their all into it, and this year has been a good one for the family. Jack, earlier this year, was able to celebrate a huge sobriety milestone.

After battling with drug addiction, and seeing his sister and father have their own battles, Jack decided a change was needed. Now, 18 years later, he is still sober. That’s right, 6,576+ days of sobriety, and that was back in April. Very soon, it will be a two-decade long streak for Ozzy’s son.

“It’s not that is gets easier or harder,” Jack Osbourne wrote back in April. “It’s just that it’s life on life’s terms. If anyone is trying to get sober, know that it [is] possible if you are willing to do that work.” Those are wonderful words to those who may be battling with their own issues.

At the end of the day, Osbourne says that sobriety is not simple. However, it is about being honest, open-minded, and “willing to do that work,” as he said in his post.