‘Jack Reacher’ TV Series Reveals First Look at Title Character

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

If you’re looking for news concerning the highly-anticipated “Jack Reacher” TV series, you’ve come to the right place. The show started materializing after Skydance Television and Paramount Television came together on an agreement to produce the series in late 2018. And the most exciting news is that Entertainment Weekly just delivered a first look at the title character.

Sure, some may miss seeing Tom Cruise on the screen for the part. However, this change might actually be a good thing. In fact, the new actor might portray “Jack Reacher” just as the original mastermind behind the character intended all along.

The New ‘Jack Reacher’ Stays More True to the Book

Before we dive into the analysis, here’s your first look at Alan Ritchson as “Jack Reacher.” Entertainment Weekly made the grand reveal over on their official Instagram page earlier today and fans just can’t get enough:

British author Lee Child first thought up the Jack Reacher character many moons ago. He describes Reacher as a former US military Police Major who travels often for odd jobs while trying to stay under the radar. You can think of it as Keanu Reeves’ “John Wick” meets Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds’ “Red Notice.”

Tom Cruise, the “Mission Impossible” star, took on the character of Jack Reacher for two films but now the author is choosing to explore a different route. Cruise is obviously brown-haired, about five-foot-seven in stature, and not very muscular. However, Lee Child always described the character in his book as blonde, six-foot-five in stature, and around 250 pounds.

Between Cruise and Alan Ritchson, there’s not really any competition. One is obviously better suited for the character as originally imagined.

Showrunner Believes the TV Series Will Do the Author and Character Justice

Nick Santora is a name well-known within the showrunner community. He notably worked on “Prison Break” and now lends his hand to “Jack Reacher.”

“Lee created a beloved character, and I thought trying to help make that character live on TV was a great challenge,” the showrunner tells EW. “I knew I’d always have Lee there to make sure everything about Reacher and the story was exactly how he wanted it. If Lee liked the product, we were doing it right.”

Lee, the author, describes what kind of impression he wants the character to leave:

“When I picture Reacher, let’s say you’re in a bar or restaurant, the door opens, he steps in, and the temperature in the room drops by a degree, because people think, ‘What the hell is this?'” 

You can look out for the show’s premiere on Amazon Prime on February 4th this coming year.