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‘Jackass Forever’: Here’s When You Can Stream the Movie on Paramount+

by Allison Hambrick
HOLLYWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 01: Johnny Knoxville attends the U.S. Premiere Of "Jackass Forever" held at TCL Chinese Theatre on February 1, 2022 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

Jackass Forever” became a surprising box office hit after debuting in theaters in January. Soon audiences can stream the movie on Paramount+.

Jackass Forever is the installment in the series. Based on the MTV series of the same name, the first film was released in 2002 to largely negative reviews. Since then, several spinoffs and an additional three movies have been made, including Jackass Forever. As of this weekend, box office returns are around $37 million. This puts the film way in the black compared to its $10 million budget. The film stars Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, and Chris Pontius. Jackass Forever also introduces the series’s first female cast member, Rachel Wolfson.

“We met with her, and she was hilarious and cool,” said Knoxville. “She proved to be tougher than any of us. She would take pain and not even make a peep. But of course, biologically, women are tougher than men, and this movie proves it. Not that this movie needed to prove it. Everyone knows that.”

Recently, it was announced that the film will debut on streaming service Paramount+ alongside the studio’s other January release, Scream, in March. The specific date was not shared.

Johnny Knoxville Talks Jackass Forever

While discussing the film, Knoxville also opened up about why he chose now to return to the series that launched his career. After all, it has been over a decade since the release of Jackass 3D.

“When we first came out with a film several years ago, the critics just murdered us,” said Knoxville. “The second film we posted the negative reviews as part of our promotional campaign! And it’s not like we’ve changed. I think what’s happened is the critics writing now were probably in high school when they saw the first Jackass and liked it. Now they’re the critics. They have a fond memory of us.”

Even so, Knoxville found himself bored of the same song and dance. He mixed it up a little with spinoffs such as Bad Grandpa, but for the time being, he thought they were done after Jackass 3D in 2011.

“Maybe at that moment we were,” he continued. “But I knew I kept getting ideas, so I documented them. I would put Jackass in the subject line of an e-mail and send it to myself. When I got that feeling again in 2018, I compiled all those ideas.”

Knoxville reached a compromise. The stars of Jackass would return, but they wouldn’t be alone. Wolfson joined the fold as did Jasper Dolphin, Eric Manaka, Zach Holmes, and Sean McInerney.

“We thought that we needed to bring in some fresh blood because it might look weird if it’s just the old guys doing it again,” Knoxville stated. “I think we thought, correctly, that we got the perfect new cast, and they added so much energy. We had more bodies to throw around. We just reached out mostly to people we knew.”