‘Jackass Forever’ Star Johnny Knoxville Gets in Altercation With WWE Wrestler at Film Premiere

by Samantha Whidden

Royal Rumble enemies! Jackass Forever star Johnny Knoxville reportedly got into an altercation with WWE wrestler, Sami Zayn, during the film’s premiere in Hollywood on Monday (February 1st).

According to WWE, Zayn crashed the red carpet at the Jackass Forever premiere and had a confrontation with Knoxville and the Jackass crew. Zayn stated on the red carpet to reporters, “Hey it’s so funny you guys are here, but you weren’t around at WWE when Johnny Knoxville showed up and was messing with me for a month.”

The Jackass Forever star just wasn’t having any of Zayn’s comments and managed to step into the conversation. Zayn proclaimed that he was the “bad guy” for coming to the event. “What do you have your goons here?” Zayn said gesturing to the Jackass crew. Zayn was eventually escorted from the red carpet by security. The Wrestler declared, “Tough guy, Johnny Knoxville!”

However, Knoxville walks up behind Zayn and chased the wrestler away. The Jackass Forever castmate goes on to taunt the wrestler by shouting, “You want some more? Get him out of here!”

The premiere continued as planned. See the altercation below.

Despite the altercation, Knoxville took to Instagram to share his appreciation for the Jackass Forever crew. “Me and my beautiful, crazy family last night at the Mann’s Chinese for the premiere of Jackass Forever. So proud of the amazing cast and crew and can’t wait for you to see the film which opens this Friday, February 4th.”

What Started the Beef Between WWE’s Sami Zayn and ‘Jackass Forever’ Star Johnny Knoxville?

As previously reported, the Jackass Forever star took to Twitter after his less than stellar performance at WrestleMania Royal Rumble and made not-so-friendly comments about Zayn. The wrestler notably eliminated Johnny Knoxville from the big event with a boot to face. Speaking about Zayn’s move, Knoxville wrote on Instagram, “It took four ‘superstars’ FOUR ‘superstars’ working in tandem to take me out. And anyone who viewed the fight saw me pound that low down and dirty Sami Zayn into submission.”

The Jackass Forever wasn’t quite done with his thoughts about Zayn. “So to have that bozo eliminate me from the rumble is infuriating at best. But I will exact my revenge that I promise you. Sami Zayn will feel my wrath. And I WILL be a world champion one day.”

Knoxville announced at the beginning of the month that he was training for the big WWE event. The Jackass Forever castmate was looking to become a world champion in wrestling. He spoke out about taking on various wrestlers. I want to be something else, something big. That’s right, I wanna make a run for the Rumble. That’s right, WWE’s Royal Rumble. Thirty men enter, one guy is left standing. That’s me.”

However, Knoxville’s appearance did not go as well as he planned. He ended up getting pummeled in the ring by wrestlers such as AJ Styles and Montez Ford. Ring Holland managed to the Jackass Forever out of the ring, and Zayn delivered the final blow.