‘Jackass Forever’: Johnny Knoxville Suffered ‘Brain Hemorrhage’ From Bull Stunt

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

It wouldn’t be a “Jackass” production if there weren’t outlandish pranks, dangerous stunts, straight-up cringe-worthy moments, and all-around hysteria. On all accounts, “Jackass Forever” turned up the dial after over a decade away.

Johnny Knoxville has been leading the franchise since the MTV series was released in 2000, which quickly turned into a massive blockbuster movie franchise. During that 22-year time period, Knoxville has injured just about every single inch of his body.

While filming “Jackass Forever,” Knoxville suffered the greatest injury of his career. It happened when he was messing around with a bull and the powerful animal retaliated. It was a stunt he was working hard to build for a long time.

“I was trying to do a magic trick in a bull ring. I wanted to prank an animal, and that’s what we came up with,” Knoxville said to Variety. Apparently, the bull did not at all have a sense of humor. The bull ended up charging directly at Knoxville, flipped him over, and knocked him out cold. “He was snoring for three or four minutes. It was gnarly,” the director of the movie, Jeff Tremaine, also said.

The Moment After the ‘Jackass Forever’ Bull Stunt

An ambulance quickly arrived to pick Knoxville up. The medical personnel asked him questions to try to get a feel for any damage to his brain or overall memory. This was all in December 2020. The paramedics asked him who the president was and he just couldn’t seem to come up with an answer, but he did spout out Obama desperately. “Maybe because that’s who I was wishing for. ‘Please, please, Obama!'”

So, what’s the final damage to Knoxville’s body? He says he suffered from a broken rib, a broken wrist, a concussion, and a brain hemorrhage. It’s by far the most terrifying injury he’s gotten while filming. As for brain hemorrhages, he says it’s “the first one I remember.”

He’s trying to be more cautious about these kinds of stunts now. His wife, director Naomi Nelson, isn’t exactly too fond of it all. He decided to cut any hardcore stunts he was involved in that they had saved for the end of the movie. “I’ve done enough. I don’t have anything to prove. I have kids to raise. That’s the most important thing,” Knoxville said.

New Movie Tops Box Office

Clearly, all those terrifying and dangerous stunts seemed to work out. “Jackass Forever” was released to theaters on February 4.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, it ended up topping the box office during its opening weekend. The fifth installment of the franchise earned a total of $23.5 million, which is higher than expected. It was certainly a luck of the draw, too.

The movie cost $10 million to produce and also had several pandemic-related delays, which means the box-office success is going to really help pay off the movie. Also, the demographics seemed to surprise as well. Three-quarters of the audience was under the age of 35, which left a decent portion of older people coming to see “Jackass Forever.”