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‘Jackass’ Producers Fire Back at Bam Margera’s Attempt to Stop Release of ‘Jackass Forever’

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

A few months ago sources reported Bam Margera was suing Paramount for terminating him from appearing in Jackass Forever. His lawsuit even attempts to stop the movie’s release outright, which prompted Jackass producers to fire back at Margera’s claims.

Paramount Pictures producers recently responded to Bam Margera attempting to stop Jackass Forever from releasing. Deadline reports ViacomCBS attorneys, as well as Johnny Knoxville’s, call the legal action “baseless.”

In a memorandum, the attorneys state, “His claims seeking to enjoin Jackass Forever improperly target Defendants’ protected speech and are precluded as a matter of law. This Court should strike them.”

Further, the legal documents go into great detail about Margera’s claims, saying they’re not true. “Separate and apart from its legal insufficiency, Margera’s complaint is riddled with outright lies: Margera alleges that Knoxville, Tremaine, and Jonze accosted him in a rehab facility and browbeat him into signing a draconian sobriety contract (they did not, infra at II.A).”

The documents continue, calling more of Margera’s claims untrue. He alleges things such as Paramount hiring a doctor who forced him to take a “cocktail of pills.”

Margera also claimed he was terminated for taking prescribed Adderall. However, he later reportedly admitted he bought it off the street.

Regardless, the legal parties wish to appear in front of Judge Robert Draper on November 1. If successful, the studio can continue releasing the movie as planned. Paramount aims to debut the movie next year.

Castmate Steve-O responded to Bam Margera’s claims earlier this year, mentioning Margera’s on and off drug addiction. “We all love you every bit as much as we all say we do, but nobody who really loves you can enable you or encourage you to stay sick.”

Steve-O Says ‘Jackass Forever’ Delay Is Unrelated to Bam Margera Lawsuit

When Bam Margera first made his claims against Paramount, most people assumed Jackass Forever’s release delay was related. However, speaking to TMZ, Steve-O denies it and gives the actual reason.

Steve-O told the outlet outside of LAX earlier this year about Paramount delaying the movie. When TMZ asked if its delay from October of this year to February, he refuted it. “No. A lot of people speculate that it was because of Bam and his lawsuit. But, no, it’s just because of Covid,” Steve-O stated about the Jackass movie delay. “Like the comfort level for people to go to movie theaters has dropped down.”

Steve-O also spoke about the Bam Margera lawsuit, expressing disbelief about the entire thing and reaffirming caring for Margera. “I’ll tell you this man, I love Bam but I have no idea how he managed to get anybody to file a lawsuit. I read it, and it’s just absurd. I mean it’s literally absurd.”