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‘Jackass’ Star Bam Margera Explains Why Police Took Him to Rehab

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Jackass star Bam Margera is back in rehab after another incident involving police, but this time he wasn’t arrested, according to reports.

On Sept. 26, Margera was photographed with a drink in his hand while in a Florida casino. That’s when he said a series of misunderstandings led to his eventual rehab return. Bam recently spoke to TMZ about the situation and shared details. Reportedly, he had just spent 140 days at an Arizona facility for his manic bipolar disorder. The facility then transferred him to an outpatient facility in the Sunshine State.

Margera says he’d been taking daily outpatient classes in Florida. In fact, he’s been staying with a friend and relative. Plus his wife and son were scheduled to visit him recently. However, when their flight got delayed, Bam says he went to the casino to pass some time.

Fans posted photos of the skateboarder best known for his role in the Jackass movies and TV series online. The pics seemed to show Margera holding an alcoholic drink in his hand. The celebrity with a history of sobriety issues thinks a family member saw the photos and panicked. He thinks the family member called law enforcement and also warned them that Margera had threatened to jump off a bridge. But he says that was simply a misunderstanding.

Additionally, TMZ confirmed that police responded to a call about an “emotionally distressed person at the Don CeSar Resort Hotel in St. Pete Beach.” When deputies arrived at the scene, they ended up giving him a ride to a local rehab facility instead of arresting him.

Bam told the outlet he’s now back in rehab for around two months. The Jackass star added that he’s working on himself so he can reunite with his son and return to filming.

‘Jackass Forever’ Star Steve-O Says Delay Has Nothing to Do with Bam Margera Lawsuit

As most Jackass fans know, the group’s newest movie has been delayed to hit theaters until next year. A few weeks ago, TMZ also caught up with Bam Margera’s friend and co-star Steve-O who explained why the movie isn’t coming out until 2022.

Jackass Forever had an Oct. 22nd release date, which changed to Feb. 4th. But Steve-O assures fans its not because of Bam’s recent lawsuit against Jackass directors, producers, and Johnny Knoxville.

“The release date for Jackass was pushed from October 22nd to February 4th,” Steve-O told the outlet.

“Right. Absolutely. Because of Bam or what?” TMZ asked Steve-O.

“No. A lot of people speculate that it was because of Bam and his lawsuit. But, no, it’s just because of Covid,” Steve-O explained about the new Jackass movie delay. “Like the comfort level for people to go to movie theaters has dropped down.”

Steve-O and Bam have been friends for decades, but when asked further about Bam’s lawsuit, he laughed it off calling it “absurd.”

“I’ll tell you this man, I love Bam but I have no idea how he managed to get anybody to file a lawsuit. I read it, and it’s just absurd. I mean it’s literally absurd,” the Jackass star added.