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‘Jackass’ Stars Reveal Which Stunts They Refused to Perform

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

When it comes to doing the most dangerous and oftentimes the most unthinkable stunts, the Jackass crew does have some lines.

Imagine that, Steve-O and Johnny Knoxville have stunts that they won’t do. Well, at least situations they won’t put themselves in. Just to recap and make that point hit a little harder… Steve-O basically lit himself on fire, failed a backflip by landing on his face, filmed that, and published it. It likely was the reason he made the Jackass cast.

Knoxville rate out his costar. “The guys do have irrational fears,” he said. “Steve-O who will let you put a hook in his mouth, swim up the ocean and then cast him out to sea to catch a shark with his body, you can do that to him, but we tried to get him to bungee jump and he was like, ‘Fuck you dude I’m not doing it.'”

As for Knoxville, he can be reserved in a way that many of the guys aren’t. He’s sneaky and always calculating when a prank is going on. He put himself in front of a bull again for the latest film, and had brain damage. For the first time in his career, he had to go on antidepressants. And that’s just the latest death-defying stunt that led to severe injuries. But don’t ask him to get in cold weather or in cold water. He won’t do it.

“I’m not super fearful of it but I don’t like cold weather or cold water,” the actor said. “I’ve done stuff in cold weather and cold water but it’s just a hassle.”

There really is nothing quite like Jackass. And Steve-O and Johnny Knoxville are synonymous with the franchise as much as the skull and crutches logo. But even they have their limits.

‘Jackass’ Star Wanted to Be Shot for Stunt Before Franchise Existed

Johnny Knoxville didn’t always have an easy time getting work in Hollywood. In fact, before Jackass became a thing, he didn’t have any success really. He had a pregnant girlfriend, no consistent job, and was getting a little desperate. He knew he had to do something big. So, he started to think. What he came up with was a bit wild. He decided that he would just put on a bulletproof vest and film himself being shot. The idea was that he would do a show that featured him testing out safety and defense items.

Jeff Tremaine, who was at Big Brother magazine at the time, found out about it. And he told his friend Spike Jonze. Tremaine bought Knoxville a taser, stun gun, and pepper spray to test out s well. They filmed it. Although, no one wanted to shoot Knoxville, of course. If things went wrong, then it would be very bad. He padded the vest with magazines and it went fine.

Jackass is a cultural icon at this point. A piece of modern Americana in its own way. And it all started with some really dumb decisions that just kept working out.