Jake Paul Could Face Year in Jail For Allegedly Participating in 2020 Riot

by Clayton Edwards

There are a couple of things that many Americans wish they could forget: Jake Paul and the entirety of 2020. However, that isn’t going to happen any time soon. It seems like so long ago and the world has changed so much since last summer. But, we are all still feeling the reverberations from the chaos that spanned nearly the entire year. At the same time, Paul is still making his presence known.

The YouTuber is in hot water in the city of Scottsdale, Arizona right now. In fact, he’s looking at a year behind bars. The City of Scottsdale alleges that Jake Paul took part in the looting and vandalism of a local mall during the riots that took place there last summer, according to MMA News. Paul denies the allegations.

The allegations stem from a video of Jake Paul and his team in and around the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall during a riot last May. The video clearly shows Paul and his crew in the crowd. However, the footage does not show them taking part in the vandalism and looting. The closest thing to looting that Jake does in the video is asking someone to grab him a “free cologne,” from a store. Paul’s videographer posted the footage to Instagram, according to Inside Edition. Their report on the event, which includes the video in question, is below.

The video also includes a statement by Jake Paul on the video. He claims that neither he nor anyone on his team had anything to do with the looting or vandalism. Instead, he claims that they were merely peacefully protesting and documenting the riots as they unfolded.

Paul’s videographer, Andrew Blue, had similar comments about the night in question.

This Is The Second Time Jake Paul Has Faced These Charges

 Shortly after the video came to light, the City of Scottsdale filed charges against Jake Paul. The city charged him with criminal trespassing and unlawful assembly. However, they later dropped those charges due to lack of evidence, according to the MMA News report linked above.

Now, the City of Scottsdale has elected to file the same charges against the YouTuber once more.

Jake Paul will attend court in Scottsdale on September 6th. If found guilty of the misdemeanor charges, he is looking at up to a year in jail.

Some reports say that Paul is looking at prison time. However, prison sentences are reserved for felony convictions. Misdemeanors lead can lead to incarceration in a city or county jail.

Luckily for Jake Paul, his fight against former UFC champ Tyron Woodley is set for August 29th. So, he won’t have to worry about a conviction getting in the way of the match. The YouTuber is a slight favorite with -138 over Woodley’s +100 according to Sporting News.