‘James Bond’ Actor Daniel Craig Broke Former WWE Star Dave Bautista’s Nose on Set, Ran Away After

by John Jamison

The list of people who can get away with breaking WWE star-turned-actor Dave Bautista’s nose is short. James Bond is on that list. He very well may be the only person on the list, come to think of it. It’s not exactly a thoroughly researched field of study. And we’re certainly not going to be testing it anytime soon. If we ever did find ourselves in that situation, we’d probably react something like Daniel Craig did when he accidentally broke Bautista’s nose while filming a Bond movie in 2015.

Before we go ruining your image of the iconic MI6 spy who has saved the world on countless occasions, it’s best if you look at Daniel Craig and James Bond as two entirely separate entities. Of course, we know Daniel Craig can’t possibly live up to the daring feats of the James Bond character he’s been playing for the past 15 years. But he is technically a commander in the Royal Navy now, which is the same rank as 007. So the lines are a bit blurred in that regard.

Daniel Craig May Hold the Same Rank as James Bond, But They Are Not the Same Person

Daniel Craig didn’t earn that honorary title by dedicating his life to fighting super-villains hell-bent on global destruction. That’s James Bond territory. And when Craig and Dave Bautista were filming a scene together for the 2015 Bond film “Spectre,” Bond picked a fight that Craig wasn’t willing to see through.

“It was a mistake. Like I said, he’s a big guy, he’s a professional wrestler, you wouldn’t really mess with him. I threw this punch, I hit him on the nose, I heard this crack and I thought, ‘Oh god no!’ and ran away. He literally did something like this. And went, ‘It’s fine,'” Craig said on The Graham Norton Show recently.

“Something like this” refers to Bautista snapping his nose back into place. Yeah. That’s just about what we’d expect from a former WWE wrestler.

The best part? The James Bond actor was borrowing trouble when he ran away. How was he supposed to know that the 300-pound former WWE star would take a broken nose so well? The man is supremely intimidating, after all. But now we know. Bautista’s a big ol’ sweetheart. Maybe don’t take Daniel Craig’s word for it, though. Just avoid punching Dave Bautista.

Maybe the former WWE star’s response had something to do with dislocating Craig’s knee moments prior. Who can say?

“I ended up on the wall, but my knee was over here somewhere. I knew and it was horrible because if anyone’s had a serious injury, you just know in your head that something is really wrong,” Craig said recounted in the interview.

A nose for a knee. It seems like a fair exchange.