James Bond: Which Film Made the Least in the Franchise?

by Madison Miller

It’s easily one of the most popular and long-lasting movie franchises in history. For about 60 years, James Bond has elegantly trotted around saving the world, wooing the ladies, and undergoing secret-spy shenanigans. The franchise has snatched countless star actors to play the charming British Secret Service Agent 007.

Everyone argues over who the greatest James Bond is (and everyone thinks they’re right). Some of the men that have played the character are Roger Moore, George Lazenby, Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig, most recently.

While it’s hard to pick a favorite, it’s clear which movies in the franchise have done the best, and, well, not so good. There are 26 official films in the James Bond franchise. Moore has played the character the most with eight total times. Meanwhile, Connery is close with seven and Craig with five. Each movie tends to bring in the dough to Hollywood, except for one.

To clarify, money doesn’t necessarily equate to popularity at all. Rather, other factors always are going to play a role in how much a movie makes. From the year made to supporting actors to other releases hitting theaters at the same time, there are lots of things to consider.

According to Business Insider, we must also consider that Timothy Dalton’s 1989 “License to Kill” only made $35 million. If we adjust that to current times, we’re looking at $73 million. His movie grossed so little that producers were shortly discouraged to make James Bond movies. They waited six years before releasing another movie. It was Pierce Brosnan’s 1955 “GoldenEye.”

Each James Bond takes on the role a bit differently. Dalton’s was a bit more dark and violent compared to Roger Moore, for instance.

Regardless of a low-income film, James Bond as a franchise is a stunner. It has made a total of $8 billion worldwide at the box office. The most recent, “No Time To Die,” brought in $160 million. It’s close behind other major franchises like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars, and Harry Potter.

So, which Bond movie wracked up the most cash? That happens to be the 1965 movie “Thunderball” starring the one and only original Bond, Sean Connery. This movie grossed $63 million, which is $624 million now.

We don’t blame you if that influences who you believe the best James Bond is.

When Will the Next James Bond Actor be Announced?

Daniel Craig has announced that he will no longer be playing James Bond in any future films.

So, what does that mean? We are on the hunt once again for the next sexy and dangerous 007.

So far things have been pretty quiet during this transition period. As of now, we may be waiting until later in 2022 for some more news. According to Deadline reporter Justin Kroll, he seems to think we might hear the name close to springtime and right around the Oscars. The ceremony is set for March 27, so this announcement could be close.

As of now, we have several top contenders. Many people are rooting for Idris Elba to take on the role. Other potential actors are Henry Cavill and Tom Hardy.