James Caan Drops Classic ‘Brian’s Song’ Photo That Has Everyone Remembering How Unbelievably Sad the Movie Was

by Megan Molseed

I’m not crying. You’re crying. Maybe it’s allergies. It’s definitely NOT James Cann’s most recent Twitter post reminding us of one of Hollywood’s most heartbreakingly moving movies of all time: Brian’s Song.

Oh. Who are we kidding? That’s exactly what it is.

On Sunday evening, longtime actor James Caan took to Twitter to – apparently – break our hearts. The Sunday Tweet takes us back to one of the most iconic football movies of all time. And, one of our all-time favorite tear-jerkers.

James Caan’s post simply read: “#BriansSong End of tweet.” But that was enough. A football emoji was placed right before the hashtag. See. Now we’re crying.

And, fans were there for it. Many remembering fondly how the iconic 1971 film touched their hearts all those years ago.

The Twitterverse Responds to James Caan’s Heartbreaking Throwback

“A great watch for football fans, a must watch for Bears Fans!” one Twitter user wrote.

“Bring tissues,” they added, finishing the comment with a series of emoji’s starting with a crying face, then a heart, and finally a bear face.

Another Twitter user joked how this film is moving to pretty much anyone who has watched it. Including the husbands who claim to never have emotional reactions to movies.

“Husband: ‘Men don’t cry over movies. That’s a woman’s thing,'” wrote Twitter user Cathy Cormany in a hilarious response. “Wife: ‘OK, ‘Brian’s Song.’ Husband: ‘That’s based on a true story, alright. That wasn’t just some movie.’ (Hurriedly leaves the room).”

Another Twitter fan noted the image Caan shared of himself as Piccolo and Williams as Sayers in his tweet was enough to bring back all the emotions they felt during the film.

“I can’t even look at the picture without getting teary eyed!” wrote the Twitter user in response to James Caan’s post. “Now the music is running through my head, I am a mess.”

Brian’s Song is the iconic true-life story depicting the moving friendship and bond between Brian Piccolo, who is played by Caan, and Gayle Sayers, who is portrayed by Billy Dee Williams.

The beloved movie makes you want to laugh; it makes you want to cry; it makes you want to play football.

The film follows the two Chicago Bears players as Gale Sayers joins the team. Sayers (Williams) is quickly befriended by Jame’s Caan’s Brian Piccolo. Piccolo is a hardcore player, taking his role as the Chicago Bears running back incredibly seriously.

Sayers and Piccolo find themselves developing a lasting friendship, despite the fact they compete for the same place on the field.

A Lasting Friendship and Memorable Football Moments

Brian’s Song tells the story of the two football players over the course of their friendship. While racial divisions often challenge the bond. The duo is said to be the first interracial roommates in NFL history.

In 1967, Piccolo became the backup to Gale Sayers; and despite a few bumps in the road, the pair became incredibly close friends.

Brians’s Song follows the two as they bond when James Caan’s Piccolo helps Billy Dee Williams’s Sayers through a nearly devastating injury, and later Sayers supports Piccolo after his cancer diagnosis. The two remained close until Piccolo succumbed to the illness in 1970.