James Caan Shares Iconic Throwback Photo from ‘El Dorado’ with John Wayne and Robert Mitchum

by Joe Rutland

Actor James Caan has been on both movies and TV shows for decades. He pulled a photo from his movie career with two big stars.

Caan was in the cast of “El Dorado” that starred John Wayne, “The Duke” himself, and Robert Mitchum. Talk about Hollywood royalty. Wayne and Mitchum definitely earned those titles.

But Caan has not done too badly himself, playing iconic roles like Sonny Corleone in “The Godfather.”

On Friday, James Caan went to Twitter and shared an old-school photo of himself and his “El Dorado” co-stars.

Look at that trio, would you? Maybe Caan joined those two in a drink or two on the “El Dorado” set.

This 1966 film was directed by Howard Hawks, not an unfamiliar name to those longtime Wayne fans. Wayne played gunfighter-for-hire Cole Thornton while Mitchum played Sheriff J.P. Harrah. Caan played Mississippi in the movie.

Other film credits for Caan include “Misery” and “Theft.” His son Scott appeared as Danny “Dan-O” Williams in the reboot of “Hawaii Five-O” on CBS.

At 81 years old, James Caan is definitely one of Hollywood’s brightest stars.

James Caan Shares Whale Of A Tale About Him and ‘The Duke’

While we are talking about James Caan and his time spent with “The Duke” on a movie set, maybe Outsiders would like another “inside baseball” story. Here it comes.

Caan was 25 years old and from the Bronx in New York City. But he earned the role of a lifetime in “El Dorado.”

Working with Wayne, for him, was an experience. James Caan recalled his experience with Wayne during an interview with FilmSchoolArchive.

“He was a piece of work,” Caan said. “I enjoyed (him), but it took a little while. He’d try and get ya intimidated. And we became pretty close, only because he knew I was like this half-ass stunt man. That’s what he liked. … And he would really try and intimidate you. First week, it was like me and him.”

Caan also said he had two wear three-inch lifts when acting alongside Wayne and Mitchum.

The role in “El Dorado” would help him pick up other roles along the way. As we said, Caan definitely earned a place in the memories of moviegoers as Sonny Corleone. He played one of the sons of Vito Corleone, the “Don” of the Corleone family played by Marlon Brando.

Sports fans recall Caan played late Chicago Bears player Brian Piccolo, who was dealt a devastating terminal cancer diagnosis after just turning pro in 1965. The powerful TV movie also starred Billy Dee Williams as running back Gale Sayers. It’s a heck of a story told by these two marvelous actors.

Caan is still active in his career, too. Pretty cool for 81 years old.