James Caan Wishes Son Scott ‘Happy Birthday’ With Epic Pair of Gritty Black and White Pics

by Kati Michelle

James Caan might have legend status for his work with the likes of Al Pacino and John Wayne, but at the end of the day, he has another important role: father. His son, Scott Caan, recently celebrated his 45th birthday and James hopped on Twitter to share the perfect father-son photoset. The black and white Kodak film gives it a gritty, vintage feel which seems apt for the occasion. As the Caans both age, their resemblance also seems to grow more and more uncanny by the day.

The caption from James Caan gets straight to the point: “Happy birthday to my boy. End of tweet.”

Fans can’t get enough of the duo together. The tweet is flooded with fan support and stories of people’s favorite memories with Scott. One Twitter user writes “Great kid. Worked with him on Varsity Blues.”

James Caan Wants Respect

In sitting down with CBS in a recent segment called “Straight Talk,” James Caan gets a little ornery. He says he “doesn’t like to cuss” and “swears that’s true,” but proceeds to string together an interesting combination of profanities shortly after–all in good fun, it seems. The star also opens up about the concepts of fame and respect. At the end of the day, the latter is all he wants.

“[Respect] pumps you up, man! I want a little respect.” Caan then adds, “I play ball, I want respect, you know? That’s all.”

When asked if he is on the path to retirement, James Caan shut that idea down.

“I can’t take it easy. I enjoy working. I love to work with good people. I have more fun when I’m working, because I get to know new people, and mostly good people, you know? Really good… I have a lot of laughs and I get respect, too, sometimes.” 

Mr. Tough Guy Gets a Makeover

In talking to the UK’s Independent earlier this year, James Caan reflected on his past roles and what his future ones may look like. After eight decades on this planet, Caan’s body has taken a sort of beating.

“I’ve got 14 screws in my left shoulder, six in my right, and three in my elbow. One in my wrist, two in the other wrist, and one in each ankle” he casually drops. Between motorcycle accidents, bouts with addiction, and surgeries, Caan has been through the wringer. These situations matched with his iconic scowl led Hollywood to typecast James Caan as a tough guy in a majority of his most iconic roles. Caan, however, is ready to move away from all of that.

“I want to do some really good character stuff. Henry Fonda always said he wanted to do a good picture before he passed away. He was never satisfied. I mean, I thought he did a couple of great pictures, you know? But now I get what he meant. I really want to work. I taught an acting class for a couple of years here, which was fun and rewarding, but it’s not as much fun as doing it. I just want the opportunity, while I’m still walking, to do something that will have you calling me and saying, ‘Jimmy, that was really good.’”