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James Dean ‘Cursed’ Vintage Car Part Sells With Massive Price Tag, Bought by Famous TV Personality

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images

James Dean‘s Porsche 550 Spyder has to be one of the most infamous cars in existence. It’s become the source of Hollywood legend and the center of a curse. But all of that superstitious talk has made it a highly sought-after item as well.

And according to TMZ, a part of Dean’s vintage car just sold for a massive amount of money. The car hasn’t been whole since Dean wrecked it and died back in 1955. But the car’s 4-speed transaxle sold for a whopping $382,000 at auction.

And the buyer was none other than Zak Bagans. That’s right the “Ghost Adventures” host and paranormal investigator now owns a part of the supposedly cursed car. It makes a certain amount of sense. Bagans has a knack for collecting objects related to the paranormal. And he told the outlet he felt drawn to buy the piece because of the “curse.”

James Dean and His ‘Cursed’ Car

James Dean had all the makings of a Hollywood star. He had pretty boy looks that made him a hit with the ladies and a certain charisma that brought him front and center. Plus, he could act which didn’t hurt matters. Dean’s star power certainly shot up when he starred in “Rebel Without a Cause,” and he seemed poised for big things in the industry.

But Dean’s Hollywood career came to a screeching halt after starring in just three movies. On Sept. 30, Dean had driven his Porsche 550 Spyder through California. The actor had a knack for speeding. But a fellow driver crossed the intersection into his lane. Dean had been going too fast to avoid the collision and hit the driver head-on. The promising actor died from the impact.

Given the tragic nature of Dean’s death, he became a bit of a Hollywood legend, one of the doomed figures of the screen. And his car took on a life of its own. Car designer George Barris reportedly bought the car and sold it for scrap. Not long after, rumors of a curse began to spread, mostly likely by Barris himself.

According to the curse, anyone who owns a piece of Dean’s car is destined for a grisly fate. For instance, a doctor Troy McHenry allegedly died while racing with one of the Porsche’s parts. The car was also allegedly in a fire at a California Highway Patrol garage and crushed a driver transporting it.

The remains of Dean’s car also apparently disappeared. According to Automotive Map, the car’s transaxle was discovered last year in a crate. Bragans plans to make the part an exhibit at his haunted museum in Nevada.