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James Taylor and Carole King Play Each Other’s Signature Songs in New Documentary

by Maggie Schneider
(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

James Taylor and Carole King are performing each other’s hits in their new documentary “Carole King & James Taylor: Just Call Out My Name.”

James Taylor and Carole King may just be one of the world’s favorite songwriting duos. Known for hit songs like “You’ve Got a Friend,” the dynamic duo is the subject of a new CNN documentary, airing tonight at 9/8c.

Directed by Frank Marshall, the film shows James Taylor and Carole King singing each other’s signature tracks. The concert footage is from the pair’s 2010 Troubadour Reunion arena tour. The famous Los Angeles club is important to their history. It was the exact place where James Taylor first encouraged King to sing her own songs publicly. Thank goodness that he did!

“You and I probably just have the same musical DNA,” James Taylor says in the film. Although the movie focuses on the duo’s concert, it highlights their relationship offstage as well.

“I love every experience we have had together,” King says. “We do it for each other, but what they’re seeing is us having a great time together.”

Fans are excited to see each songwriter perform each other’s work. According to various sources, there is one 35-minute uninterrupted performance. We are looking forward to seeing the pair in action.

Watch the documentary as it premieres on CNN tonight. Or, you can stream it on HBO max after the fact.

The Making of The Film

In an interview with the Los Angeles Daily News, Frank Marshall discusses how the documentary came to be. It all started before his film career, when he flew to Europe to pursue the life of a busker.

“I sort of worked my way around Europe, playing in subways and clubs,”  Marshall says. On my guitar, you have your setlist, and most of the songs were James’ or Carole’s.”

Once the director got into the film industry, things fell into place. Still a fan of the songwriting duo, Marshall had the chance of a lifetime: he attended the pair’s reunion show in 2007 at The Troubadour. Flash forward a couple years, and James’ managers contacted the director.

“Then, a couple of years ago, James’ managers, who I know very well, said, ‘You know, we have all this footage of James’ and Carole’s tour.’  ‘There’s sort of this renaissance of music documentaries, what do you think?’ And I said, ‘I’m in. Let me do it.’ It’s kind of a dream come true for me.”

It was a full-circle moment for Marshall. Bringing together both his love of music and film, the documentary is close to his heart.

“It’s been this just incredible opportunity for me to sort of marry my two loves,” he says.