James Van Der Beek Speaks Out on Ditching Hollywood for Texas: ‘Wanted to Get the Kids Out’

by Joe Rutland

Actor James Van Der Beek decided that he’d had enough of Hollywood, so he and his family decided to leave and live in Texas.

“We wanted to get the kids out of Los Angeles,” Van Der Beek, 44, said in an article for Fox News. “We wanted to give them space and we wanted them to live in nature.”

Van Der Beek and his wife Kimberly, along with their five kids, moved to Austin, Texas, in October 2020.

“When we were flying [in] here for our anniversary, I felt an energy to Austin,” Van Der Beek said. He recalled that energy was similar to what he felt when shooting Varsity Blues in the Austin area when he was 21 years old.

James Van Der Beek Moved Family After Wife Kimberly Suffered Two Miscarriages

Van Der Beek said that “the energy is the place.”

“It was really cool to realize, ‘Oh, I can go be there,'” he said. “‘We can drop in and bring our family to that.'”

The Van Der Beeks’ move came after Kimberly suffered two late-term miscarriages. She said her body was “still healing and it was hard for me to walk around at that point.”

“I was still just a couple of months out of the hospital from my second one, so I was exhausted,” Kimberly Van Der Beek said. “James’ mom had just passed, so to get that message from the trees of Texas was the nurturing hug we needed to feel welcomed here.” 

Actor’s Wife Said Los Angeles Kind Of ‘Birthed Us Out’ To Move

Kimberly added that it felt like, to her, Los Angeles had kind of “birthed us out” and they felt a call to move.

“It came from desire, it came from dreams, and by the time we left LA we were in a deep gratitude for everything it had given us,” she said. “But Texas was saying, ‘Here’s what you need and we can provide this next layer for you.’ That was exactly what we needed.”

Van Der Beek has worked in both television and movies. He played Dawson Leery on Dawson’s Creek for five seasons. Other TV appearances include How I Met Your Mother, One Tree Hill, Modern Family, and the 28th season of Dancing with the Stars.

Besides Varsity Blues, other movie credits for James Van Der Beek include Scary Movie, Texas Rangers, Formosa Betrayed, and Bad Hair.

Van Der Beek starred in Varsity Blues with Jon Voight, Scott Caan, Paul Walker, and Ron Lester. Voight had appeared in movies like Midnight Cowboy years before this 1999 movie was released. Most recently, Caan played Detective Danny “Danno” Williams in CBS’s reboot of the classic police drama Hawaii Five-O.

Sadly, Walker and Lester have died in recent years.