James Woods Drops Gorgeous Photo of American Flag Flying Over Lake: ‘Usually Looks Like This’

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for WGAw)

Over the weekend, Disney’s Hercules star James Woods took to his Twitter account to share a breathtaking snapshot of his time at the lake. 

“It usually looks like this at the lake,” James Woods states. The pic shows the lake along with the beautiful colored leaves and an American flag blowing in the wind.

One of James Woods’ Twitter followers admired the image by writing, “Although the scenery is magnificent and beautifully crafted, I do not think it would be quite as perfect without the American flag flying proudly amongst the backdrop of the wilderness.”

James Woods Shares Details About the Start of His Acting Career

In a February 2014 interview with Den of Geek, James Woods shares details about the start of his acting career. “When I was at MIT in my senior year, I called [my mom] and said, ‘I’m thinking of going to New York and becoming an actor.’ There was a long pause. I said, ‘How do you feel about that?’”

James Woods then revealed that if he ever got an Oscar, his thank-you speech would include something about his mom. “I would say that my mom thought for a while and said to me, ‘When I married your father, I was 19 years old. When I had you I was 21.’ She had my late brother later. ‘People said you’re too young, but the happiness experience of my life was my family. I loved your father, I loved you…’”

He further mentioned that his mom told him she follows his heart and did what a lot of people thought would be a mistake. But she said, ‘I gave all of myself to it. And I’ll tell you what. You go out there and promise me this one thing. I don’t care if you succeed or fail, of I you get lost along the way. But every single day of your life, if you’re an actor, you will always try your very best.’”

James Woods goes on to add that his mother was a very sensible person, but hated hypocrisy. “I give you my mother in a nutshell. She grew up as a child of the Depression. She just dreaded poverty. And yet ironically what she did do she saw an opportunity.”

James Woods Talks About His Interest In Independent Movies 

Also during his interview with Den of Geek, James Woods opens up about his interest in independent movies. “I liked doing them because they had a genre overly for me. In other words, you really had an updated film noir feel, and at the same time the film noir underbelly of the yuppie decade.”

James Woods then explained that he always loved movies that are about “ethical-moral dilemmas” because the only thing that separates the man from the beast is mortality and ethics. “So movies that are about that are very, very powerful.”