Jane Fonda Reveals the Intimate Details of Her First Kiss: ‘I Never Had a Kiss Like That Ever Since’

by Madison Miller

While sometimes romance between actors is purely for the screen, other times it translates to off-screen romance.

World-famous actress and activist Jane Fonda had her very first kiss with an actor. At the time, she was not playing any kind of role when it happened.

Jane Fonda First Kiss

According to an interview on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” Fonda was in Hyannis Port, Maine to perform summer stock. This is where she happened to meet actor James Franciscus. He was a stage manager when she met him, but he would go on to have a successful acting career.

He is most known for his starring role in “Mr. Novak,” but also had a number of roles in films like “Beneath the Planet of the Apes,” “The Cat o’ Nine Tails,” and “The Valley of Gwangi.”

“He walked me out to the end of a pier and he kissed me. The stars began to whirl and the pier began to shake, and my knees gave way and I slid down to a pile at his feet…I’ve never had a kiss like that ever since,” Fonda revealed while on the show.

Even Jimmy Fallon was awestruck by her romantic story. He said, “Holy moly, I’ve never heard a story like that. I feel like I had my first kiss.”

Timeline of Her Past Relationships

The two had a lot of chemistry when they met all those years ago. However, it doesn’t seem like anything more came from it, however. Jane Fonda did get married three times during her life. She was married to French director Roger Vadim from 1965 to 1973. Then she married politician Tom Hayden from 1973 to 1990. Finally, she was married to the founder of CNN, Ted Turner, from 1991 to 2001. She also had a long-term relationship with Richard Perry until the two split up in 2017.

Most recently, the 83-year-old told Harper’s Bazaar that she does not have any intentions of having another “sexual relationship” during her life.

“One of the painful things that I’ve realized by 80—I don’t even know how old I am—83, and single now. What I’ve had to really think about is that I’m not really capable [of intimacy]. It’s not them. It’s me. If a guy had come along and said, ‘Come on, Fonda, show up,’ I would have run away scared,” Fonda said.

Fonda said she is enjoying her alone time and is busy being a woman that is “willing to be angry and stand up.”

Fonda’s Career Off the Screen

Jane Fonda has had a widely successful acting career. However, she has also made a name for herself in the world of feminism and environmental activism. She co-founded the Women’s Media Center alongside Robin Morgan and Gloria Steinem.

She continues to serve on the board of the organization. Most recently, she was a part of a protest in northern Minnesota over a proposed pipeline. If installed, the pipeline would cut through the Ojibwe territory.

She is also no stranger to a protest. Fonda has been protesting since the 1960s. While standing up for what she believes in, she has been arrested on five different occasions. Fonda also opened the Jane Fonda Center for Adolescent Reproductive Health at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.