Jar of Elvis Presley’s Hair Selling at Auction for Thousands of Dollars

by Jacklyn Krol

Who knew that a jar of Elvis Presley‘s hair could be worth so much?

Believe it or not, the biggest lot of The King’s hair is up for auction. How would one procure such an item? Through his personal barber, Homer Gilleland. Over the years, he collected clippings from his regular haircuts. The specimen is baseball-sized and is the largest collection of his hair in history.

For almost twenty years, it has been privately owned. The last owner purchased it for $115,000 back in 2002. It was first taken by Gilleland and given to Thomas Morgan. Morgan had a close relationship with the barber and also knew Elvis Presley as they went to high school together. He later coordinated security for Elvis’ fneral as he worked for the Shelby County Sherriff’s Department.

This transaction holds the Guinness World Record for Most Expensive Hair Sold at Online Auction. It was from an anonymous private buyer that resided in Illinois.

GWS Auctions is selling the item, which comes with extensive documentation. It is currently going for $11,000 with two bids. (It is surely going to increase.)

Along with documentation from both Gilleland and Morgan, John W. Heath (a world-famous Elvis memorabilia expert) and John Reznikoff of University Archives (the world’s most trusted authority in the field of hair collecting today) confirmed its authenticity. Additionally, they also consulted with the Presley estate.

The lucky winner will also include extra gifts. This will include a Special Deputy honors booklet given to Elvis by Tom Morgan Jr. Additionally, airline receipts from Elvis Presley himself, which were used to fly his barber out. Over 117 receipts in total. Finally, it will also include newspaper articles concerning the world record. Could you imagine owning The King’s hair?!

If the prices are too steep you could always go for his metal rattail comb. It is currently going for $750.

Elvis Presley’s Other Treasures

Firstly, Elvis Presley’s ex-wife and Graceland owner Priscilla Presley is part of the auction. She will be auctioning off a private luncheon in Beverly Hills, California with her.

“I thought, ‘Why not be a part of it?’” Priscilla told People. “I used to have a different opinion about these estate sales, but then as I got older I realized that you have to pass these things down to someone who’ll really appreciate them.”

Part of the proceeds will go to the Dream Foundation. The nonprofit’s aim is to aid terminally ill adults and their families. Her choice in charity was to honor her late mother Ann who passed away on August 2 at 95.

“I’m just happy this year has passed,” she added. “And hopefully we can have some good news come in.”

There are other exclusive items up for auction. There is a jumpsuit and cape that Elvis Presley wore in 1972 during his four back-to-back sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden. He wore the white eyelet jumpsuit and matching cap created by Bill Belew. The jumpsuit is currently going for $350,000 while the cape is at $45,000.

Fans can also own a bible from Graceland or even his racing helmet from his 1964 movie, Viva Las Vegas. The helmet features the word “Lucky” with a lightning bolt. Additionally, a racing suit is also up for purchase.

There are also a handful of unusual items like his 8th-degree black belt Taekwondo award. Elvis Presley’s songwriter’s agreement and insurance policy for his car are also listed.