Jase Robertson Discuss the ‘Annoyances’ of Christmas: ‘The Good, Bad and Ugly’

by Halle Ames

Anyone can talk about what they are thankful for… Jase Robertson, however, dished on what his “annoyances” are during the holiday season.

In a nearly hour-long episode on Phil Robertson’s podcast, Jase goes into detail about his top-ten list of things that annoy him during the holidays.

“I started going through the annoyances of Christmas. I don’t know how to say it, the struggles, the annoyances. Now, these are light issues. If you say “What’s special about Christmas?” You’re like “family, food, Jesus. You know, Jesus, family,” right. But we say that so much so I went into the details, and I came up with the good, bad, and the ugly. Here’s what’s weird about this, the ten things that I consider the ugly or the struggles. These are ten things that my wife loves.”

Jase Robertson’s Top Ten Annoyances

We can get on board for the first of the list, which has to do with food.

“Number ten, which we’ll go, you know, area of importance- recipe changes. What happens is when the in-laws come, my wife will — she doesn’t use the spice, because she doesn’t want them to go “oh this is too hot,” so all the food that we normally eat it’s the same, but has no spice.”

As for number nine, Jase was in the dog house with his wife for not noticing her hard work.

“Next, not noticing decorations. This happened last night. I said, “oh, the tree, you put up the tree.” She said, “I did that yesterday,” and goes off. “How can you be in this house for over 24 hours and not notice,” and I look around, and the whole thing had turned into a winter wonderland.”

Jase Robertsons next item is a touchy subject for many. You either love or hate “The Sound of Music,” and the duck hunter has his opinion on the matter.

“Next on the list, and I have to be careful with it, but every year we have to watch “The Sound of Music.” That’s why her parents were there last night. This movie is four hours long, and it’s a musical. They all cried last night. They cry every time they watch the movie. If she ever listens to this, it could be a deal-breaker for us.”

As for gifts, family members either hit the nail on the head or that just clean out their house, like Aunt Bethany on “Christmas Vacation.”

“Next is in-law gifts. This was weird for me to bring up last night with my in-laws there. One of her in-laws gave me a picture of herself. It was like a portrait. I didn’t know her very well. It was like a 1970s frame, but I’m like, I got nothing.”

The Santa secret is a touchy subject. When is the right age to spill the beans? Jase tells the story of how he told his son Cole at the age of four and made him promise not to tell Jase’s wife, Missy.

“Another one annoying, explaining to your kids that I’m Santa. Every year the only person that thinks that they’re playing the Santa game is Missy. All my kids, I’ve already told them all.”

“Merry Christmas”

Now, depending on your religious background, it might depend on what you say this time of year. Since the Robertson family is heavily faith-based, Jase makes a habit of saying “Merry Christmas” to people.

“Now this one is a little more cultural- merry Christmas. I’m annoyed when people are annoyed that you tell them “Merry Christmas.” Because you are in the Christmas spirit, but people in our culture now are offended because you’ve got Christ in the Christmas.”

Jase Robertson ends on a more positive note that isn’t really an annoyance, but we understand where he is coming from. Sort of like the Christmas spirit hangover.

“I put this down to be positive because I didn’t want you to think I was negative. The number one annoyance is when it’s over. As annoying as those things are, I love Christmas.”

He also adds his positives, so he doesn’t sound like a total Grinch. They include dominoes, good food, mistletoe, and caroling.