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Duck Dynasty’s Jase Robertson is ‘Giddy’ Over New Treasure Hunting Find

by Outsider
(Photo by Paul Morigi/WireImage)

Jase Robertson went on a recent treasure hunt, and he came back with something awesome.

On the latest episode of the Robertson-centric podcast Unashamed, Jase shared his find with the family. He pulled a quarter out of his pocket, clearly excited.

The silver quarter was from 1893, in excellent shape. However, Jase didn’t look up what it might cost. Calling it “priceless,” he said he didn’t want it to be worth a lot since he never wanted to get rid of it.

The figurehead on the quarter is wearing a ponytail. The quarter itself is in remarkable shape for the amount of time it was sitting undisturbed in the ground.

“This is 127 years old. Whoever lost this, he’s dead,” said Robertson. “He didn’t mean to lose this.”

The guys discussed some theories about what may have happened. For instance, they believe a man may have dropped the quarter out of his pocket on accident.

Jace decided to continue looking until dark since he was so pleased with his find. Ultimately, he didn’t find much more during his outing. But that was fine, since he bagged an 127-year-old quarter.

Jase Robertson is regularly appearing on Unashamed, and he always has plenty of intriguing insights to share. The family can typically be counted on to share fun tidbits on life, religion, and everyday situations. It’s not often one finds a quarter that’s over 100 years old, though. This episode is worth a watch for that alone.

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