Jason Isbell Cracks Joke About Daughter After Alabama RB Stuns Football Fans with Hurdle

by Jon D. B.

Jason Isbell is a quotable goldmine. His latest comes after that insane hurdle by Alabama’s star RB Najee Harris today.

Jason Isbell himself is known to most for his solo career and his work with his band The 400 Unit. Mostly, however, he’s known as a former member of Drive-By Truckers (for six years). He is also known for his harsh split with said Drive-By Truckers. Now, though, from 2020 into 2021, he’s becoming known for his hysterical tweets.

Indeed, the musician always has something witty to say – on just about any topic. Confirming his love for college football today, Isbell took to Twitter to heap praise on Alabama star Najee Harris. Not without cracking a joke at expense of his own daughter. Tastefully, of course.

For the joke to make sense, however, let’s take a look at Najee Harris‘ incredible feat from today’s game:

Did Harris just jump seven feet into the air over another towering player? Yes, yes he did. As such, Jason Isbell is – like the rest of us – pretty floored by the feat:

“Najee is bigger than me and I don’t think I could jump over my five year old daughter,” the musician jokes.

Jason Isbell: Witty Tweeter

Indeed, the musician is a machine of witty tweets. Recently, he Jokingly Revealed Why He’s ‘Never Been More Jealous of Taylor Swift’.

Moreover, if you want to get excellent stories out of Jason Isbell on Twitter… Apparently, all you have to do is come up with a killer prompt! The latest viral trend is accomplishing just that, too. Indeed – Twitter’s latest question-based challenge, cooked up by sports fan Elizabeth Ann Lowder, is a doozy.

Lowder gets her viral thread going by asking fellow users to “quote tweet this with a mundane experience you’ve shared with someone who is more famous than you (but you obviously have enough chill to leave it out of your Twitter bio).”

 Isbell answers her call with a fantastic little story about country superstar Chris Stapleton.

“Once I was out of Duke’s mayonnaise and Chris and Morgane brought me some, so I made Chris sign the jar,” Isbell responds. “Now I have an empty mayonnaise jar signed by Chris Stapleton…”

For the rest of this wildly entertaining story courtesy of Jason Isbell, head over to Jason Isbell Tells Hilarious Story About Mayonnaise Jar Signed by Chris Stapleton next.

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