Jason Isbell Teases New Music in Latest Photo: ‘Studio Fun with Amanda Shires’

by Thad Mitchell

Country music star Jason Isbell says he is in the studio and working toward releasing new music in the near future.

Isbell is one of the top country music artists of the past few years and is known for his unique sound. He was once a six-year member of popular country bands Drive-By Truckers and The 400 Unit. More recently, Isbell has put his growing solo career front and center as he pursues new styles and messages with his music.

On Saturday, the country singer took to social media to share some exciting news with his fans and followers. He tweets a photo of himself with a guitar in hand as he tries out some new tunes. He says he is in the studio with his wife Amanda Shires and that the two are “having fun” in the studio together. Shires is also a musician and singer and plays a mean fiddle on top of that.

“Studio fun with Amanda Shires,” he says in the post’s caption space. With headphones and a big smile across his face, Isbell appears to be tuning his guitar in the photo.

Shires also took to social media over the weekend to confirm that she is indeed in the studio with Isbell. She further elaborates that she and Isbell are working on a new recording.

“Me and Jason Isbell,” she says in the tweet. “RCA Studio B making a musical recording.”

Her tweet also includes photos of the married artists standing side by side and seemingly enjoying each other’s company.

Isbell’s tweet drew more than 1,000 likes as well as hundreds of retweets and comments. Shires’ tweet also did well on the social media scale, drawing nearly 2,500 likes along with several comments and retweets.

Jason Isbell and Amanda Shire Draw Social Media Reaction

Fans flooded the comments section of both artists’ post to share their excitement over the potential of new music in the near future.

“Making new music sounds like a great idea right about now!” an Isbell fans says of the news. Shire fans also commented that they are pleased to hear about the two making beautiful music together.

“This the news we all need this week,” a social media user says in Shires’ comment section.

The couple wed in 2013 and have collaborated together on several songs and duets. Just a short time ago, the couple put out “The Problem,” which would turn into a hit for them.