Jason Momoa Reveals He Adopted a Wild Pig, and the Internet Can’t Handle It

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Leon Bennett/WireImage)

Jason Momoa met a wild pig while filming his new Netflix original Slumberland. So he took it home and named him Mr. Manapua.

Momoa shared a video of his new friend on Instagram today (Nov. 8), and it’s apparent that he’s in love. Mr. Manapua cuddled with the actor and snorted peacefully while Momoa considered all of the ways he and the pig could bond.

For example, Momoa hopes to paint the pig’s toenails pink, give it a tiny tophat, and bring him to the Slumberland premiere. Coni Momoa, his mom, was in the video as well. And she thought that taking the pig to a red carpet event would be a little “over the top” since he only “just got” it. But as Momoa shared, he’s always “kind over the top.” So, it would only make sense to carry out the plan.

Jason Momoa formally introduced the pig in an earlier post. And he admitted that he has a soft spot for homeless creatures.

“This is why I can’t work with animals,” he wrote. “I want to bring them home.”

At the time, he hadn’t decided on naming it Mr. Manapua yet. He was deciding between that and Lau Lau—both are Hawaiian pork dishes.

“Wild and feral like his pops,” he added.

Fans Are in Love with Jason Momoa’s Pet Pig

The new addition to the Momoa family has been warming hearts across the internet. Fans can’t get over how Mr. Manapua has taken to its new dad.

“It’s super cute,” one person commented. “And it feels so secure in your arms.”

“Aww he looks so safe & comfortable with Jason!! Too cute!! Enjoy the premiere MANAPUA, he definitely should get to attend!!” someone else added.

Some people commented that Jason should have left the animal in the wild to live a natural life. But as many people pointed out, the pig was actually feral, not wild. In Hawaii, roaming pigs escaped farms. And Mr. Manapua likely its mother. So, it wouldn’t have survived.

Other fans shared stories of their own pet pigs. They said that the animals are incredibly intelligent, loving, and loyal. And they’re easy to bond with. So, he’ll probably fall more in love with Manapua as he gets to know him.

“Love this….. pigs are one of the smartest animals on earth, and better trainable than dogs,” some shared. “He is adorable.”