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Jay Cutler Films Black Bear Coming Dangerously Close to Him in the Woods

by Will Shepard
(Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)

Jay Cutler via his Instagram story documents a black bear jaunting up to him coming within inches. Although it isn’t known where he is right now watching this black bear come sniff around, Cutler is likely hunting.

Black bears in the wild are usually very timid around humans and will spook if they see any human. But on the rare occasion, they will attack. In the retired quarterback’s story, he sees a black bear meander out of the woods and films with his phone.

Though it seems that Cutler is inside a building of some sort, this type of bear experience is super cool and not all too common. A steady filming hand during the experience makes the video all that much cooler. This black bear comes out of the woods and starts tromping around the forest where Cutler is stationed. Additionally the bear walks closer and closer to where Cutler is sitting.

However, if a black bear is familiar with people, their smells and especially their food, they won’t fear human presence. Culter in this video is clearly in a safe spot and doesn’t seem to be afraid. Cutler remains content with the bear and very interested in what its doing.

Check out Jay Culter’s Instagram to watch his story of the curious black bear.

Cutler and Bears

To avoid curious black bears, if you’re anywhere near contact with them follow these steps from the National Park Service.

  1. Identify yourself by talking to the bear. Bears are curious and may venture closer to examine – just as the one in Cutler’s Instagram does.
  2. Stay calm and leave the area. Black bears could bluff charge and turn away at the last second. They may also react defensively which could include woofing, yawning, salivating, growling, snapping their jaws, and laying their ears back. Never intimidate a bear.
  3. Hike and travel with others, not by yourself. Large numbers will keep bears away from you. If you are alone, make yourself as big as possible.
  4. Don’t give the bear food. Though simple and self explanatory, just don’t feed a predator ever.
  5. Keep your pack on and leave the area when possible. The backpack may safe your life if you are attacked.
  6. Finally, always be cautious, especially around female bears with cubs.

The National Park Service qualifies these steps if you encounter a black bear by talking about an attack. If a black bear should attack, do NOT play dead, but rather escape if possible. If that isn’t possible, fight back like your life depends upon it.

Grizzly bears are on a whole other planet. Those guys are terrifying. Again, don’t feed any kind of wild animal.