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Jay Leno Can’t Bring Himself To Splurge on Expensive Food

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

He made millions as a late-night talk show host through the years, but Jay Leno says he has no interest in splurging on expensive food. 

During a recent interview with CBS, Jay Leno spoke about why he doesn’t feel the need to eat overpriced food. “To this day, I still get all my meals from guys in paper hats,” the former host of The Tonight Show admitted. “I’m not a fancy restaurant guy. My favorite steakhouse steak went to $70. I don’t go there anymore. That’s ridiculous. There’s no reason a steak should be $70.”

Jay Leno also shared that when he was younger and lived in New York City, he used to frequent Carnegie Deli. Regular burgers were $1.10 and roast beef sandwiches were $4.95 at the time.  “I always thought, ‘someday I’m going to make enough money that I can go in there and have the roast beef sandwich,’” the former late-night talk show host recalled. He then said that that burgers are now $9 and roast beef is $18. 

“I still couldn’t bring myself to [eat] that,” Jay Leno continued. He also shared that he can’t sit in his room and have people bring him food either. “If you’re too lazy to walk downstairs and get something to eat and have people pushing food into your room instead, now you’re just a rich, bloated idiot.”

Jay Leno Admits He Hasn’t Been In His Beverly Hills’ Home Pool in 30 Years

While continuing to chat with CBS, Jay Leno stated that he hasn’t been able to be in the pool of his Beverly Hills home in 30 years. This is due to the act that he can’t shake “the feeling” that he could be working instead. 

“Every time I get near it, I’ll get that Boston voice in my head going, ‘Really? Is that what you are now? A rich guy that sits in a pool?’” Jay Leno shared. “There must be something I could be doing besides this.”

Jay Leno was the host of The Tonight Show from 1992 to 2009. In the fall of 2009, the talk show host started his own primetime show, The Jay Leno Show. Unfortunately, it was canceled in January 2010 due to a timeslot and host issue. He returned to The Tonight Show in March 2010. He ended his time as a late-night talk show host in February 2015. He has since been hosting Jay Leno’s Garage and he now has the revival of You Bet Your Life. 

Since Leno’s departure from The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon has been hosting. The show now has 22 seasons and more than 4,600 episodes.