Jeff Bridges Reveals Incredible Black-and-White Pics from Making of ‘Texasville’

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Paul Drinkwater/NBCUniversal via Getty Images)

On Friday (October 22nd), Hollywood icon Jeff Bridges took to his Twitter account to share some special throwback snapshots of his 1990 film Texasville. 

“I didn’t take any pics while making The Last Picture Show, but here are some shots from the sequel Texasville,” Jeff Bridges shares in the tweet. “[Texasville] is also written by Larry McMurtry. We made this movie 20 years after Picture Show – same cast, same director, Peter Bogdanovich.”

Jeff Bridges also shared, “Picture Show, in my opinion, stands alone. No movie is like it & it’s not like any other movie. We made it 50 years ago – can’t believe it.”

Texasville is the 1990 sequel to 1971’s The Last Picture Show. The film starred Jeff Bridges, Cybill Shepherd, Cloris Leachman, Timothy Bottoms, Randy Quaid, and Eileen Brennan. 

Texasville is notably in color, while The Last Picture Show was filmed in black and white. The 1990’s film takes place in 1984, which is 33 years after The Last Picture Show’s events took place. Bridges played Duane Jackson, who is a wealthy tycoon of a nearly bankrupt oil company. 

Jeff Bridges Talks Another Potential Sequel in ‘The Last Picture Show’ Series 

During a 2010 interview with Collider, Jeff Bridges opened up about working alongside director Peter Bogdanovich for the next chapter in The Last Picture Show series, following Texasville. 

“I was just in Texas with Peter [Bogdanovich] and we’re looking at doing the next installment,” Jeff Bridges revealed at the time. “There’s actually five books that Larry McMurtry wrote about those characters. And so we’ve done two. We wanna do the next thing.”

Jeff Bridges also explained that he doesn’t know if that’s ever happened before. “Every 20 years going back and doin’ that. So that’s something I’m hopin’ will come about.”

While continuing to discuss the possibility of another sequel to The Last Picture Show, Jeff Bridges said he was fortunate enough to work with the original director. He also said it felt like the same situation that happened with the sequel to Tron. 

“Doing [a sequel] with Tron was a wonderful experience, especially having [Steven] Lisberger on board,” Bridges stated. “The guy who wrote it and directed it. And I got to do that with another movie, The Last Picture Show, twenty years later we did Texasville.”

Peter Tonguette, who wrote Picturing Peter Bogdanovich: My Conversations With the New Hollywood Director, spoke about the director’s career. When asked what Bogdanovich film is deemed “essential,” Tonguette said, “The Last Picture Show because it made Peter’s reputation and remains a powerful, influential movie.”

Tonguette went on to add that Peter was the only member of the New Hollywood generation who sought to further the tradition. Which were notably established by Ford, Hawks, and Welles.