Jeff Foxworthy Facing Backlash for Participation Trophy Joke on Netflix Special

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Jeff Foxworthy is back. Back on the comedy circuit that is. The legendary comedian has a new stand-up special out on Netflix. In a new special called “The Good Old Days,” Foxworthy takes what looks to be a shot at Millenials today. In the special, Foxworthy says, “I played every sport. And it was weird back then. If you wanted a trophy, you had to finish in first place.” Now, Jeff Foxworthy is facing backlash on social media for the participation trophy joke in his new special.

The backlash to the joke has been harsh. One Twitter user tweeted, “Everyone’s Netflix costs more bc they had to pay Jeff foxworthy to tell 15 year old jokes. Cool.” Another Twitter user tweeted, “didn’t jeff foxworthy host a show that rewarded adults with money for being able to pass elementary school?”

Twitter has been tough with Foxworthy on Wednesday after the original Netflix tweet went viral.

Jeff Foxworthy Enjoys UGA Victory

However, it’s been a pretty great year thus far for Foxworthy. A local Atlanta guy, Foxworthy got to delight in both the Atlanta Braves and the Georgia Bulldogs winning a championship in the last few months. Foxworthy and the Georgia faithful were thrilled to finally take down the vaunted Alabama Crimson Tide.

Foxworthy had some fun with Alabama fans, though. He said, “Y’all [Bama fans] are selfish. I mean, year after year after year, it’s been 40 years.” He continued, “Just one, just one. We [Georgia fans] love football as much as you, we tailgate as much as you. I mean, we like to be happy as much as you. Can you not just share?”

He wanted Alabama fans to share the love. It’s a wonderful thing for the SEC to dominate the way they have. He thinks Bama fans should celebrate Georgia finally getting over the hump after 40 years. That’s twice as long as it had been since Tennessee’s last title in 1998. He continued, “[You might be a redneck if] you’re at the National Championship game every stinkin’ year.” Foxworthy concluded, “I love the SEC and the fact that it’s two SEC teams because it just means more to us.” It is true. With the dominance of the SEC in recent years, it’s fair for Foxworthy to have this kind of perspective on the matter.

Still, his Georgia Bulldogs won the National Championship and Foxworthy is still a legend in stand-up comedy. His comedy might ruffle some Millennials’ feathers, but one can figure it’ll subside. Foxworthy is living the good life with the new special and the success of all of his sports teams across Atlanta and the state of Georgia. You can watch the special on Netflix right now where it’s called “The Good Old Days.”