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Jeff Lowe Evicted From His ‘Tiger King’ Park

by Jacklyn Krol
Helen H. Richardson, Getty Images

Jeff Lowe just lost his Tiger King property.

In a new report from TMZ, he is apparently being evicted from his park. The new legal documents state that the rightful owner claimed that Lowe owed over $10,000 in unpaid rent and damages. A judge said that he had to pay the entire sum or vacate the property by October 22 and noon.

Additionally, Lowe’s wife Lauren went to court and claimed that they were taking care of their sick child. She requested an extra thirty days to get the money in order. The judge denied the request. The couple plan to open a new zoo at a new location. They have yet to find new property.

Furthermore, Jeff Lowe’s zoo was previously raided by the FBI twice this past year. This was part of the Endangered Species Act violations. Almost 70 of his big cats were allegedly abused by him at his Oklahoma property. The feds seized animals including a jaguar, lions, tigers, and also lion-tiger hybrids.

Additionally, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service apparently searched his property three times in the last year. They did receive citations for lack of adequate care. They needed to improve their timely veterinary care, appropriate nutrition, along with better shelter. The animals were apparently struggling in the bad weather.

The latest ruling found him in contempt after not complying for several months. Authorities promised that his former animals will be given to animal preserves.

Jeff Lowe on ‘Tiger King 2’?

Firstly, Netflix announced the second installment of the Tiger King franchise. The full second season will drop on November 17. The new teaser trailer assures that this will be an epic and wild ride for viewers. The best part? Joe Exotic returns, from prison.

Secondly, you’ll recall that Exotic was found guilty for murder-for-hire plot to kill rival zoo owner Carole Baskin. He was sentenced in 2020 to serve 22 years. Exotic was also found guilty of animal negligence. He allegedly killed tigers to make room for more big cats for his sanctuary.

Thirdly, the teaser proves that the first season “only scratched the surface” of the full story.

Although she is not happy about it, Carole Baskin was featured in the trailer.  “I’m refusing to be played again,” Baskin said in a statement in regards to the second season.

Fourthly, Tiger King director Rebecca Chaiklin noted that she wants to “clear the air” about Baskin in the first season.

“I told her to lose my number,” Baskin said. “There is no explanation for such a betrayal and false portrayal.”

The teaser shows Baskin walking down a hallway before showing a billboard. The ad is requesting information in regards to her murdered ex-husband, Don Lewis. Lewis famously went missing in 1997 and was declared legally dead in 2002.

Meanwhile, Carole Baskin has her own documentary that will investigate Joe Exotic’s former zoo.

Tiger King 2 debuts on November 17.