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Jennifer Connelly Declares ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Co-Star Tom Cruise ‘Absolutely Deserves’ an Oscar Nomination

by Samantha Whidden
Jennifer Connelly Tom Cruise
(Photo by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures)

With award season in full swing, Jennifer Connelly stated that her Top Gun: Maverick co-star Tom Cruise has what it takes to receive an Oscar nomination for his performance in the film. 

While speaking to Variety at the Sundance Film Festival, Jennifer Connelly had nothing but praise for her Top Gun: Maverick co-star when it came to the rumors of him potentially scoring a Best Actor Oscar nomination.

“He’s extraordinary,” Connelly declared. She also said Cruise did an amazing job in the film. “He’s extraordinary as a person and fantastic as an actor, and I think that he is just perfect. He embodies that character so beautifully, and I think he absolutely deserves it.”

Connelly also stated that Top Gun: Maverick is a really well-made film and Cruise’s dedication to the project. “I think the relationship he has with [Miles Teller’s] character is so beautiful and moving. But the work that he did to accomplish those flying sequences, it’s something else.”

Top Gun: Maverick generated $1.489 billion during its box office run. The film was so popular, it became the highest-grossing film of Cruise’s career after crossing $800 million worldwide. Also starring with Teller, Connelly, and Cruise in the film were Val Kilmer, Glen Powell, and Jon Hamm. 

Jennifer Connelly Says Her Overall Feeling For ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Is ‘Celebratory, Uplifting, and Satisfying’ 

Meanwhile, Jennifer Connelly also spoke to IndieWire at the festival, where she reflected on her decision to sign on for Top Gun: Maverick. 

“I think, honestly, it’s a really well-made movie,” Connelly explained. She noted that everyone in the cast and crew did an amazing job on the film. The actress also pointed out that Joe Kosinski is a great director.

Connelly then said that she considered the action-packed flick as being a huge undertaking and it’s hard to make that kind of film well. “I think [Kosinski] did a spectacular job with it,” she continued. “With what they accomplished, you can feel that the flying sequences are real.”

While repeatedly saying that Cruise is extraordinary, Connelly said that the film’s story is just really solid. “I think the overall feeling of it is celebratory and uplifting and satisfying,” she added. 

Connelly comments about Cruise come just a couple of weeks after Kosinski disclosed that the actor didn’t actually want to do the Top Gun sequel originally. 

As he spoke to Deadline about the film, Kosinski stated that Cruise was hesitant about the idea of doing a sequel. He also said that the original director of the film, Tony Scott was also opposed to the idea as well. However, Kosinski decided to pitch the film anyway. 

After sharing that he wanted to have Maverick team up with Goose’s son in the sequel, Kosinski said he could see the wheels in Cruise’s head turn. “All of a sudden, he had a very emotional reason, a hook back into this character, and a reason to come back,” Kosinski said.