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‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Ken Jennings Offers Hilarious Commentary on Overlooked Aspect of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage via Getty Images)

Ken Jennings has a head full of knowledge. He has proved that time and time again. In fact, his enormous store of facts made him a wealthy man. It started with his record-breaking winning streak on Jeopardy! and continued with his later projects. Those projects include a dozen books and several other quiz show appearances. Currently, Jennings is part of the in-house team on the hit quiz show The Chase.

However, Ken Jennings is known for more than his big brain. In fact, many people today know him as that funny guy on Twitter. He has a feed full of jokes and hilarious observations about the world in which we live. Sometimes, Jennings combines education with his humor. So, he makes you laugh and learn at the same time.

Last night, Ken Jennings posted a tweet that made many fans of the classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory think about that family film a little differently. He did so by pointing out one thing that most people have overlooked through the years.

In the tweet, Ken Jennings points out that four elderly people shared the same bed. However, he says that no one ever addresses how much gas must be floating around that bed. “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has those four grandparents sharing one bed,” the Jeopardy! icon wrote, “but it really downplays all the farting.”

Ken Jennings Makes a Solid Point

As usual, Ken Jennings hit the nail on the head. There had to have been copious amounts of fart gas hanging over that bed. At the very least, moving the blanket would have been like taking the cover off a big bed-shaped container of intestinal gas.

For one, some people fart more as they get older, according to AARP. This happens for several reasons. Most Americans gain weight as they age. At the same time, many older people take medication that can lead to being gassy. On the other hand, some key muscles that keep gas in start to weaken over time. This is especially true for ladies who have experienced natural childbirth. There were two grandmothers in that bed. So, that’s important to note.

What Ken Jennings didn’t expressly point out was the diet of the Bucket household. Their main meal was cabbage soup. Cabbage is infamous for causing gas. In fact, some people simply call it “fart lettuce.” If we’re being honest, that is a fitting name for the vegetable. So, combine the diet of the Bucket family with the advanced ages of the grandparents, and you get a roadmap to Fart City.

Thanks a million, Ken Jennings, none of us will ever watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the same way ever again.