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‘Jeopardy!’: Aaron Rodgers Answers Whether or Not He Could Compete on ‘Regular’ Version of Show

by Evan Reier
Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

As a champion of Celebrity Jeopardy! and the latest guest host of the regular program, Aaron Rodgers knows what he’s doing.

A mix of passion for the program and being a generally intelligent guy translated to success in 2016, when the Green Bay Packers QB took home first prize.

It’s worth noting too that he didn’t just beat any random celebrities. He took down successful businessman and Shark Tank member Kevin O’Leary and a former astronaut Mark Kelly. Tough competition, but competitors Rodgers was able to beat.

Now, with the experience of guest-hosting added to the resume, Rodgers is a bonafide Jeopardy! legend. So, could the reigning NFL MVP take down the competition on the full version of the show?

Rodgers says a resounding “no.”

Talking to Pat McAfee for a Twitter Spaces chat on April 16, he was posed that very question. Conversely, Rodgers wasted little time shutting it down.

“No, not at all,” Rodgers said. “Let’s not exaggerate too much here. Had fun with Celebrity Jeopardy!, and it’s definitely easier. There were times I felt like I knew some of the answers [as a guest host,] but no. This is the cream of the crop… The people that actually get on Jeopardy! are the best of the best and I wouldn’t expect to beat any of those guys.”

What we get to see of Rodgers on the program makes us say otherwise, but if anyone knows their capability, it’s Rodgers himself. It also feels weird for someone who made their name on competing to say they don’t measure up, but when you know, you know.

Rodgers’ final guest-run episode is on April 16.

Anderson Cooper Set to Host Jeopardy!

With Rodgers’ impressive run behind the podium coming to an end, the torch is now passed to CNN anchor Anderson Cooper. Cooper, who is 53, is one of the most prominent names in cable news.

He first joined CNN in 2001. Less than two years later, he was given his long-running show, Anderson Cooper 360.

Like many guest hosts, Cooper has participated in Celebrity Jeopardy! He has competed more than the average celebrity, though, going on the show several times. Famously, Cooper lost to Cheech Marin in a tournament round during his first run.

Talking to People magazine, the CNN personality explained how he got beat by the famous actor from the Cheech & Chong series.

“I got so thrilled to win the first time,” Cooper said. “And it was all for charity. When I went on the second time, I was against Cheech Marin from Cheech & Chong,” Cooper recalled. “And I got really cocky because I was like, I mean, come on, Cheech Marin … He’s been smoking a lot. The synapses can’t be really sharp.”

But Marin was faster than Cooper, and the rest is history.

“He’s so fast on the buzzer and he’s so smart! He knows everything.”