‘Jeopardy!’: Aaron Rodgers Hopes to Emulate Alex Trebek While Guest-Hosting

by Chris Haney

On Monday evening, the fifth interim host of Jeopardy! will take over the game show for the next two weeks. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is taking the reins and looking to “mimic” legendary host Alex Trebek.

Rodgers is a frequent guest on The Pat McAfee Show and joined the host once again earlier today. McAfee asked Rodgers about his preparation for his hosting duties on the quiz show. He asked the quarterback if he’d watched any of the previous interim hosts during his research for the show.

Rodgers said he hasn’t watched an episode since Trebek passed away. In addition, he explained his outlook and approach to taking over as Jeopardy! guest host.

“I haven’t watched an episode since Alex,” Rodgers admitted. “I didn’t really want to be influenced at all by the other guest hosts and how they do things. Kind of want to do things my way. Which my way meant a total respect and almost mimicking the beauty that Alex Trebek brought to the show.”

Instead, Rodgers studied the ins and outs of being on live television. From learning cues to go to or from break, or knowing what cameras to look at, Rodgers took notes on exactly what Trebek did as host.

“Just the flow of a show is something you learn how to do,” Rodgers added. “For me, it was taking a lot of notes, and figuring out exactly what Alex did. And wanting to do him justice, his memory justice, by being as prepared as possible when I got on the show.”

‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Host Aaron Rodgers Raising Money for Local Charity

Last week, Jeopardy!‘s website announced what charity will benefit from Aaron Rodgers’ two-week appearance. The game show is matching the contestant’s total winnings during each host’s time on Jeopardy!. In Rodgers’ case, he has chosen to donate all proceeds from his two weeks as host to North Valley Community Foundation.

The quarterback was born and raised in Chico, California, which is where NVCF is located. Therefore it makes sense that Rodgers chose to help out his local community with the donation. The foundation receives donations that are then redistributed as grants to local businesses and individuals in need.

“We hold hundreds of individual funds, each embodying a community member’s dream for a better world,” the NVCF website states.

Additionally, the Super Bowl champion worked with the foundation over the last year to establish the Aaron Rodgers Small-Business COVID-19 Fund. The collaboration benefits locally owned and operated retail and restaurant businesses in Butte County.

Furthermore, the foundation has lent a hand with California wildfire relief efforts. Their Camp Fire Recovery has awarded more than $36 million in grants. They’ve distributed the funds to those in immediate and overwhelming need of emergency relief and response.