‘Jeopardy!’: Aaron Rodgers Guest Hosting Stint Nearing End, How Does He Compare to Previous Hosts?

by Will Shepard

Aaron Rodgers’ time as Jeopardy’s guest host is coming to an end. So, how does he stack up against the rest of the competition so far on the game show?

It is safe to say that people are big fans of the job he has done on Jeopardy! Even some of the other guest hosts are praising the job he has been doing. Ken Jennings falls into that category.

In a tweet, Adam McKay said that Rodgers is “freakishly good at hosting.” Ken Jennings responded to the tweet in complete agreement, saying that “It doesn’t seem fair!” Jennings was the first person to take over for the late Alex Trebek. So, he knows first hand how hard it is to stand behind the Jeopardy! podium.

His praise certainly seems like nothing to scoff at. This is also not the first time that Jennings has complimented Rodgers’ work on Jeopardy! Earlier in Rodgers’ guest-hosting, the “Greatest of All Time” player said that it is not an easy task to follow in Trebek’s footsteps. But he said that Rodgers was doing great.

So, does Aaron Rodgers deserve to be considered for the full-time game show host position? At the very least, there is a case to be made.

Should Aaron Rodgers Be the Next Permanent Host of “Jeopardy!”

A lot of people are hopping on the Rodgers bandwagon. Mike Richards is one of the executive producers of Jeopardy! and did his best during his guest host stint. He, like Jennings, had high praise for the job that Rodgers has been doing. He told NBC News that Rodgers’ “second career could be better than his first.”

That carries a lot of weight considering that it is one of the show’s most important people talking. But Richards wasn’t finished there. Richards also talked about how well-prepared the star NFL quarterback was for his stint.

“He approached this like he was breaking down game footage,” Richards said. “He watched a ton of episodes, and he came in with questions like, ‘Now if this happens, how do I deal with it?’ And I was like, ‘Well, that doesn’t really happen.’ And he said, ‘I saw one! I want to know because I want to be prepared.’ He came in prepared like an MVP quarterback would for a huge game.”

Other Hosts Are Still Waiting In the Wings for Their Shot

As Jeopardy! fans prepare for the last two days of Rodgers hosting, you have to wonder if he will take over the full-time position.

So far, fans have seen Jennings and Richards host, as well as several other people. Katie Couric is also vying for the position, and so is the polarizing Dr. Oz. There are also six more people still waiting for their turn behind the podium.

Consequently, it is likely far too early to say whether or not he should be the next host. Rodgers also is still very much in the throes of his NFL career.

Nonetheless, Rodgers is definitely up there at the top of the chart to be the next host of Jeopardy! He has certainly shown he has what it takes. The quarterback has been entertaining, witty, creative, and knows the game really well. All of these things are necessary to be a good host.