‘Jeopardy!’: Aaron Rodgers Opens Up About Alex Trebek’s ‘Rags to Riches’ Story, Says He’s Been Reading Autobiography to Prepare

by Quentin Blount

Before it is all said and done, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is going to have a bunch of different titles to go by — one of them being Jeopardy! guest host. And he feels inspired by late host Alex Trebek and his rise to gameshow stardom.

While you would think that Super Bowl champ, Pro Bowl quarterback, or three-time MVP might be at the top of his list, it sounds like that spot belongs to the title of Jeopardy! guest host. Rodgers made his long-awaited debut as the show’s fifth guest host, following most recent hosts Katie Couric and Dr. Oz. He will stand behind the iconic Jeopardy! lectern to run the show for the next two weeks.

We know that Rodgers is a meticulous studier when it comes to game-planning for opposing defenses. But he is also just as thorough when it comes to hosting one of television’s most popular gameshows. Rodgers has said that he has watched hours upon hours of episodes to prepare. And he has paid close attention to the nuances that the late Alex Trebek hosted the show with.

Rodgers Joins the Pat McAfee Show to Talk ‘Jeopardy!’

Prior to the airing of the first Jeopardy! episode with Rodgers as guest host, the reigning NFL MVP made his usual appearance on The Pat McAfee Show. While on the show McAfee asks Rodgers a variety of questions about his passion for the iconic game show.

Aaron Rodgers called the opportunity “a dream come true” and “an honor.” However, he also says that he wishes he could have guest-hosted the show under different circumstances. He, along with the rest of the Jeopardy! family, is still navigating through the untimely passing of long-time host Alex Trebek. And one of the ways Rodgers is doing that is by reading the late icon’s autobiography.

“Along with doing the show these last two weeks, I have been finishing up his autobiography which he began writing as the diagnosis came down,” Rodgers explains. “And it is a phenomenal read. It has given me even more insight into who the man was, and his story from rags to riches really.”

In addition to calling the book an amazing read, Rodgers says that Trebek beat all the odds to become the superstar that he was.

“Growing up in small-town Quebec, to being one of the most recognizable people in not just the country but the world,” Rodgers tells McAfee. “‘Jeopardy!’ is syndicated in so many different countries.”

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